Stellaris Wrath of Rngesus

  • 404 Awakening

    404 Awakening
    Awoken from millennia old sleep independent 404 units woke up on an unknown planet in what appears to be an intergalactic vessel.
    Curiously it appears as though this vessel has made landfall centuries if not millennia beforehand. Additionally it appears as though 404s do not remember anything of but a number 404.
    However, for some reason, they were not bothered. They just went about their lives forming a new colony on this world.
  • Hyperdrive developed across the galaxy

    Hyperdrive developed across the galaxy
    On the same day, sipping the same cup of tea (robots included), dozens of scientists from various species of the galaxy developed hyper drive simultaneously and independently.
    Main systems government seemed oddly prepared for this supposedly groundbreaking achievement. Indeed it appears as though they stockpiled confetti for the past half a century for this event. Then again you can never tell when 404s are surprised.
  • Period: to

    Programmed Expansion Phase

    As requested by government the MSN now proceeded with a thorough exploration and expansion plan. However they met an unusual challenge in their endeavour.
    404s are mostly robotic in their attitude. While usually they only party and show emotion in private, extended space travel far from privacy eventually... trigger them. A number of science ships were lost because their pilots were drunk.
    In the end it was decided that all vessels should be split in half, one for fun the other for work.
  • Systems Design Invisible bots

    Someone decided designing tiny invisible bots that get stuck everywhere was a good idea.
    It was not.
  • Hosts with a drill created

    Something happens far far away.
  • Reign of Terror Probe comes to an end

    Reign of Terror Probe comes to an end
    Apparently in the initial years scientists were so drunk cruising around the galaxy that they missed a number of probes in neighbouring systems as well as two armed vessels, one a probe the other something orbiting a probe.
    When asked on the nature of the unknown objects the service member responsible for its destruction after a decade of fighting just said :
    "What was that ? I don't know and I don't even care, its dead now."
  • Period: to

    The Pain Train

    Barely having defeated the Terror Probes did the 404s come to face with three much much more menacing foes.
    On one side massive pirate fleet regularly plunders systems space. On the other a weird alien tentacle monstrosity decided it wants to eat everyone. Finally the last path to the rest of the galaxy is blocked by a random bunch of alien space monstrosities ten times stronger than the terror probe.
  • Period: to

    Dinner Invitation by Unknown Threat