Standing on the Shoulders of Giants..........................Why I can be an Art Educator- Even today!

  • Italian Renaissance

    Italian Renaissance
    Tour of the Sistine Chapel
    The Art in the Renaissance era made a huge impression on me. It was a major turning point in the history of art education. The artist during this time period is given great importance and causes a key transformation in the structure of education. Students are taught to value the beauty in poetry, drama, and music and aesthetics becomes a major component to the educating of the artist.
  • Period: to

    Changing Paradigms for Education

  • Art Education prior to 1820

    Art Education prior to 1820
    My first experiencs of what I thought was art was in craft- very similar to how we are taught over 200 years ago. Apprenticeships continue to play an important role in the development of a trade for utilitarian purposes. Formal art training is finally provided for artists in America around the turn of the 19th century when art academies are developed.
  • Art as Experience

    Art as Experience
    Great Depression and ending with WWII. Art education plays a major role in the Progressive Education Movement as research begin to dictate change within the system. Americans become immersed in efforts to sustain democracy and the foundation of Creative Self Expression, which dominates instructional methods of in schools. This is how I was taught to teach Elementary Arts Education and is taught very much like this today.
  • Art Education 1991 - to Present Changing Paradigms

    Art Education 1991 - to Present Changing Paradigms
    Changing Paradigms Video
    Art education trends in America come in cycles and familiar ideas reappear with a new twist or title- similat to trends in education. Creative self-expression, reconstructionist theory, and disciplined based art education have all played a major role in the field of art education over the past fifteen years. This was the way I was taught in college and models the way I was taught to teach high school art ed