SS8 Period 7

  • Oct 27, 1215

    Magna Carta

    Magna Carta
    This was signed by King John and made the king subject to law
  • Period: Jan 1, 1492 to

    US History 1492-1877

  • Oct 24, 1492

    Columbus Discovers America

    Columbus Discovers America
    Lands on San Salvador
  • Oct 27, 1533

    Pizarro the Conquerer

    Pizarro the Conquerer
    Francisco Pizarro and his men conquer the Incans
  • Hudson's Voyage

    Hudson's Voyage
    Henry Hudson makes his first voyage to North America
  • Mayflower Compact

    Mayflower Compact
    The Pilgrims sign the Mayflower Compact
  • New York

    New York
    Peter Stuyvesant founds New York
  • New Jersey

    New Jersey
    Sir George Carteret and John Berkley become Proprieters of New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania

    William Penn establishes the colony of Pennsylvania
  • Tea Party

    Tea Party
    Patriots stage the Boston Tea Party
  • Revolutionary War

    Revolutionary War
    The Revolutionary War begins
  • Declaration of Independance

    Declaration of Independance
    The thirteen colonies sign the declaration of independance and break away from great britain
  • The Articles of Confederation

    The Articles of Confederation
    The Continental Congress approves the articles of Confederation
  • The Dollar

    The Dollar
    The United States begins to use the dollar currency
  • George Washington

    George Washington
    George Washington becomes the first president
  • The Bill of Rights

    The Bill of Rights
    The Bill of Rights is ratified by the states
  • Eli Whitney

    Eli Whitney invents the cotten gin.
  • 2nd president

    2nd president
    John Adams is elected President
  • Washington is Dead

    Washington is Dead
    George Washington dies on Mount Vernon, Virginia
  • Thomas Jefferson

    Thomas Jefferson
    Thomas Jefferson takes office
  • Louisiana

    The U.S Senate approves the Louisiana Purchase
  • The Louis and Clark Expedition

    The Louis and Clark Expedition
    Louis and Clark begin their Westward Journey
  • Slave

    Slavery began in 1808.
  • Justin Monroe

    The Monroe doctrine was issued.
  • Andrew Jackson

    Andrew jackson was elected president.
  • Tom Thumb

    Tom Thumb becomes the first man in u.u
  • William Loyd Garrison

    William Loyd Garrison published the abolitionist newspaper.
  • Samuel FB Morse

    Samuel FB Morse invented the teleograph.
  • Panic of 1837

    Panic of 1837 was when the econmey was in depression.
  • Trail of Tears

    Trail of Tears was when u.s troops remove the Cherkoee indains from Georgia.
  • Sutter Fort

    Sutter Fort was estiblished.
  • Californa Gold Rush

    Gold was discoverd in Californa.
  • Slavery

    The debate over slavery is over.
  • Walter Hunt

    Walter Hunt invents the saftey pin.
  • Civil War

    the Civil begins, north vs south
  • Isaac Singer

    Isaac Singer improves the Sweing machine.
  • Slavery

    Passes the slave act.
  • Abreham Lincoln

    Abreham Lincoln says a passionate speech for the people of Illinos.
  • Abreham Lincoln

    Abreham Lincoln was elected senate of illnois.
  • Abe lincoln

    Abe lincoln gets shot and dies the next day.
  • Abe Loncoln

    Abe Lncoln was elected presdient.
  • Anneexes Texas

    Anneexes Texas was estiblished
  • United States

    United States declarys war aginst Mexico.
  • 19th Ammendment

    19th Ammendment
    The nineteenth ammendment gives all American women the right to vote.
  • Fair Employment Act

    Fair Employment Act
    The Fair Employment Act bans discrimination in the work place
  • 26th Ammendment

    26th Ammendment
    The 26th Ammendment is ratified, giving all American citizens over the age of 18 the right to vote
  • Battle at Yorktown

    Battle at Yorktown
    The British surrender to George Washington at Yorktown
  • War of 1812

    War of 1812
    Congress Declares war against Great Britian