• Squidward's Birthday

    Squidward's Birthday
  • Period: to

    Squidward's Lifespan

  • Fact:

    Although his name is "Squid"ward he only has 6 tentacles and is actually an octopus.
  • Allergies

    Squidward is allergic to newsprint and seaberries.
  • Interests

    Some of Squidwatds interests are: Fancy Living, Closing time at the Krusty Krab (I like closing time at school), and dancing.
  • EH

    There isn't much information on Squidwards past except he was somewhat happy you could say before Spongebob moved next door.
  • Character

    Squidward Tentacles is voiced by Rodger Bumpass. Squidward identifies as a cranky judgey octopus.He lives at 122 Conch Street, Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean.
  • First Episode

    First Episode
  • How I Identify

    How I Identify
    Well, I don't like people, I prefer to be alone, I'm not happy 24/7, I like art, I used to play clarinet, and I'm just the human version of Squidward.
  • Some more similatities

    Some more similatities
    Well, both of our hopes and dreams are crushed and will probably never happen, we both hate working and would rather sleep or listen to music and drink tea/coffee/hot cocoa, and we both don't smile a lot around people unless it's our friends.
  • Squidwards weaknesses

    Squidwards weaknesses
    Jellyfish, Spongebob and Patrick, air, magic, falling, his baldness, and food that is odd-numbered, apologizing, love, Spongebob and Patrick's laughter, and bombs.
  • Fact:

    Squidward has 492 self portraits of himself in his house