Southern Culture

  • Foundation of Jamestown, VA

  • First African Americans Come to NA

  • Foundation of Plymouth Colony

    Formed to aquire religious freedom
  • Foundation of Massachussets Bay Colony

    Formed to aquire religious freedom
  • Indentured Servants Live Out Their Contracts

    Conditions were so hard and problematic, diseases prominent, very few were able to survive the 7 years; Recruitment to the colonies sufferered
  • Middleton Place

    SC Plantation
  • Stagville--Main House is Built

    NC Plantation, 30,000 acres
  • Civil War Begins

    Firing on Fort Sumtner
  • Civil War Ends

  • Period: to


    Sharecropping: sharecroppers do not own the land; laborers who contract with the owner of a piece of land and farm it for a share of the proceeds (crops) Tenant has to pay for the equipment, seed, fertilizer, rent. Typically would start out the year in debt. Tenants had no other choice.
  • Beginning of Industrialization

    "New South Movement"
    South Considers Industry vs. Agriculture
    Henry W. Grady: editor of the Atlanta Journal and Constitution and advocates the movement into the industrialization of the South.
    "Bring the Mills to the Cotton"
  • Farming as an Occupation Hits its Numerical Peak

  • Great Depression

    Devestated the agricultural regions of the country (many people lost their land and their homes)
  • Cotton Picking Machines

    eliminated the need for "croppers" and laborers