Southeast Asia Timeline

  • Jun 21, 1200

    Arrival of the Thais

    Arrival of the Thais
    In the 1200s, the Thai from Southern China came and invaded. These were the ones that began replacing religions. The Hindu began by Khmer and Buddhism that the Thais brought.
  • Jun 13, 1500

    Colonization of Southeast Asia

    Colonization of Southeast Asia
    Led by Portugal, Europe came to Southeast Asia in the 1500s. They colonized much of Southeast Asia, looking for goods. The only country they did not colonize was Thailand.
  • Jun 13, 1521

    Ferdinand Magellans discovery

    Ferdinand Magellans discovery
    Ferdinand Magellan came to the Philippines and gave it to Spain. Spaniards came to colonize and trade. They spread Roman Catholism, which remains there today.
  • Arrival of Dutch traders

    Arrival of Dutch traders
    The Dutch arrived in the 1600s and threw out the Portugese. Portugese kept the Island of Timor. The Dutch colonized the Islands of Indonesia.
  • French and British Colonization

    French and British Colonization
    The French and British came to take over in the 1800s. They colonized there and built plantations, railroads, and mines. People from China and India came there to help build.
  • the WWII Japanese invasion of the Philippines

    the WWII Japanese invasion of the Philippines
    The Japanese attacked the Philippines and most of Southeast Asia. When Japan lost the war, they gave up the land to the US. The US gave the land back to the original owners.
  • US ownership of the Philippines

    US ownership of the Philippines
    The US took over the Philippines from Japan in 1941. The US gave the Philippines their independence. Because of this, other countries there fought for their independence as well.
  • The Vietnam War

    The Vietnam War
    Vietnam united to become one communist country. The US went in to fight to overthrow their government. The one million refugees mostly went to the US.
  • Cambodian Civil War

    Cambodian Civil War
    In 1974, civil wars broke out in Cambodia. Communists came and took over a year later. More then one million people died in the area.
  • Emergence of Khmer Civilization

    Emergence of Khmer Civilization
    The Khmer Civilization was an ancient civilization that lived in the 800s thru the1200s. They controlled a large empire which is now Cambodia. They built a huge temple in the 1100s.