Sound of Thunder

  • The Presidency

    Eckels remarks how lucky they are that Deutscher lost to Keith because it would have dictatorship
  • Butterfly Effect

    Travis explains to Eckels that even a small thing like killing a mouse could change their future because that mouse might have been the food for something else that would eventually have been the food for an early human, that now dies because there is not food available
  • The Big Question

    Eckels ask if the expedition was succesfull since Travis told him he had to go back in time to mark the target; Travis explains time does not allow paradoxes to happen and thus he would not be able to meet himself to see if the hunt went well
  • Frightened

    Eckels gets scared when he sees the T-Rex; He steps off the path on accident
  • Don't Forget That

    Travis explains again that they cannot leave anything behind because it could change the future; Travis makes Eckels get the bullets from the T-Rex out of anger
  • It All Changed

    The sign in the future for the Time Safari has changed; Eckels says he stepped on a butterfly when before he said it was only dirt
  • The Past Changed Our Present

    Travis shoots Eckels because he finds out that time is not only changed but Deutscher is now president