The story of me: Cole Caldwell

  • My birthday

    My birthday
    I know im so beautiful.
  • Started to talk

  • Started to talk

    Yes full on conversations.
  • I went to a concert

    My aunts friends play in a band.
  • First day of school

    Not as fun as middle school.
  • Got my first dirtbike

    Got my first dirtbike
    My beautiful Honda crf 50 dirtbike
  • Went to Waldameer for the first time.

    Went to Waldameer for the first time.
    I went but could not do anything because i was small as a dog.
  • Went to Florida

    Went to Florida
    We went to see my cousins and were going again this December.
  • Got a trampoline

    For my brothers birthday and ever since everyone has never left it alone.
  • The Infection began

    Covid is what i mean i just had to make it a little more dramatic.
  • The beginning of middle school

    The beginning of middle school
    Apparently i keep winking at girls.
  • What i think ill be doing in 20 years.

    I think i will either be racing motocross, in the army, or i will be doing retailing for houses.