Social Studies

By EnEyRt
  • Missouri Compermise

    Trying to balance the amount of slave states and free states, The congress decided that Missouri would be a slave state. However, in an attempt to balance it out, They made Maine a free state. Years later this compromise was revoked when the Nebraska- Kansas Act was put in place.
  • Mexican Cession

    The Mexican Cession occurred in 1848. The United States and Mexico decided to agree upon a treaty that ended the Mexican war. In the treaty Mexico gave the United States land that is now known as Texas.
  • Popular Sovereignty

    Popular Sovereignty was what they at times used to temporarily fix a problem. In a state they would make it so that if more people wanted slavery, that state would be a slave state and vice versa.
  • Compromise of 1850

    The compromise was made to try and keep the south and the north happy. What they did is they made California a free state, and Utah a Sovereign state.
  • Fugitive slave act

    The Fugitive slave act was something that the North was very upset about. This Act allowed the south slave owners to go North, and bring back escaped slaves. Even if the slave was free and had a job, they would bring him back down South.
  • California

    Founding California as a state caused fighting between the north and south. The reasons were because they wanted California to be a free state, but that upset the South.
  • Uncle Toms Cabin

    Uncle Tom’s Cabin caused conflict because the south didn’t like it. It open people’s eyes to the effects of slavery and how bad it actually is. The south didn’t like it and it gave the North an even better reason to try and get rid of slavery.
  • Nebraska- Kansas Act

    The Nebraska- Kansas Act replaced the Missouri compromise. The Nebraska act added more use of popular sovereignty. Neither the South and the North liked this at the time so it just caused more conflict.
  • Political Party

    The Political parties were arguing over slavery too. This made it hard for Lincoln to do things when the parties were arguing with each other, and lincoln. This helped cause the war because they kept fighting and it kept causing Tension to build up.
  • Sectionalism

    Sectionalism was how the country was split into two parts. The south, believed in slavery, the north, did not. During this time the north and south of America were fighting against each other over whether slavery should be welcomed.
  • John Brown

    John Brown caused a large amount of conflict. The south were mad at him for raiding them. The north were mad because he broke the law that Lincoln put down. The law was that The south would not be harmed and John Brown and his men Shot them.
  • Harpers Ferry

    Harpers Ferry was the armory that John Brown attacked. It made the south mad because they weren't supposed to be harmed. The point of John Brown attacking Harpers Ferry is he was hoping that slaves would show up and grab a gun, and try and defend themselves against the south.
  • Lincoln

    Lincoln himself made The war come sooner. When he was elected it made the south angry because they knew he would try to get rid of slavery. His decisions angered people and it just in the end made the war possibly happen sooner than it would have.