Smoking and tobbaco timeline

  • Jan 1, 600


    Mayan Indians from Mexico carved drawings on rocks of Tobbaco use. It did not have nicotine in it. Native Americans smoked tobbaco because of religious and medical purposes. They did not smoke every day.
  • Period: Jan 1, 600 to

    Cigarette Timeline

  • 1612

    Tobbaco was the first crop grown for money in North America. In 1612 the settlers in Virginia grew tobbaco as a cash crop.
  • 1800's

    In the 1800's many people started using small amounts of tobbaco by chewing it, smoking it in a pipe or hand rolled a cigar or cigarette. People used tobbaco about 40 times a year.
  • 1865

    In 1965 the first commercial cigarettes were made by Washington Duke on his 1.2km tobbaco farm in North Carolina. His hand rolled cigarettes to soldiers at the end of the civil war.
  • 1881

    In 1881 James Bonsach invented the first cigarette making machine. It could make 120,000 cigarettes a day. Thats when smoking became widespread. He went into buisness with Washinton Duke's son James "Buck" Duke. They made a factory that could make 1 billion cigarettes 5 years later. A few years later Buck Duke started the first cigarette company with his father. It was called the American Tobbaco company that was the strongest one untill the 1900's.
  • 1900's

    In the early 1900's some more cigarette companies were made. In 1902 Malboro came out. Cigarettes were mainly sold to men but that changed in World War 1 and 2 when cigarettes were marketed to women too while their husbands were at war. WW2 brought more independence to woman. Woman started to work and smoke.
  • 1960-1980's

    In 1964 the sergeon general wrote a report which said that smoking was dangorous because of the nicotine and tar. After that every cigarette pack had to have "Smoking may be hazerdous for your health". By the 1980's tobbaco companies made new brands of cigaretts with less nicotine and tar. The early 1980's were called "Tar Wars" because companies competed aggressively to make ultra low tar cigarettes.
  • 1984

    In 1984 a law was made saying that said that on a cigarette pack every 3 months the companies need to change the warning labels. Their were 4 different labels that the companies had to rotate.
    1. Smoking causes lung cancer, heart disease, Emphysema and may complicate pregnancy.
    2. Quitting smoking now greatly reduses serious risks to your health.
    3. Smoking by pregnant woman may result in fetal injury, premature birth and low birth weight.
    4. Cigarette smoke contains carbon moonoxide