Slaves in cotton field 1

Slavery & the Events Leading up to the Civil War

  • William lloyd Garrison

    William lloyd Garrison
    He was inprisoned for criticizinga merchant in the slave trade.founder of th anti slavery nespaper tghe liberator.
    He was friends with fredrick douglass.He wroth the Genius of Universual emancipation.he was bor in Newburyport Massachusetts.
  • Missouri Compromise

    Missouri Compromise
    During the Mussouri Compromise this question is asked Should salvert be allwoed in the new state of Missouri? James Tallmadge of New York propsed that no more slaves should be brought into Missourie.United states would no longer would be a union of equal states. the Tallmadge admendement was passed in the house but not in the senate.
    Missouri gained admisson to the union as a slave state but the louisisanna Territory lying north of 36 30 north lattitude would be free. Those are the main point
  • Missouri compromise

    Missouri compromise
    of the missouri compeomise
  • Nat Turners Rebellion

    Nat Turners Rebellion
    During Nat Turners Rebelion this happened he moved to the home of joseph agust 22 turner decided to march toward jerusalem. It was also named southampton insurrection.It was a slave rebelion and it toook place in Southampton country.
  • Compromis of 1850

    Compromis of 1850
    Henry clay was the author of the major compromise between the free states and slave staes in the 31st congress. also texas's border would be alltered and the state would be reduced in size. a new fugitave slave act was passed.
  • compromise of 1850

    compromise of 1850
    to give back the states that they were fighting for.
  • The kansas nebraska act

    well during this act fraklin prieceis president and he is a support of pro slavery settelers. This act also let people have a choice of dissagreeing or aggreeing ith the beggining ntim as out numbered. Stphen douglass was the founder of this act.
  • Bleeding Kansas

    Bleeding Kansas
    john brown leads severla new englanders by night to a proslavery settlement near pottawatomie creek. kansas split the nationals capital.northerners were outraged by brooks action.broks got canes and inscribed letters say hit him again. it was series of vilonce of political confertation of proslavery and antislavery.
  • Dred Scott case

    Dred Scott case
    Dred scott asked to be freed and was denied. he also lost.cheif justice taney stated that as an african american dred scott was inferrior and without rights. there were no legal basis exsisted in 1857 for granting any rigths to african americans even those who were freeded. the framers said taney believed african americans "had no rights which the whitr man was bound to respect". ater this case congres cant stop the spread of slavery.
  • Attach of fort summter

    Attach of fort summter
    Fort Summter is an island and it is located in the charleston harbor. it has two main rivers runing in it the ashley and cooper river. there are two more forts in the charleston harbor the johnson and moultire forts. fort summter had gun batterys around it. ther was a main shop channel.
  • Underground Railroad

    Underground Railroad
    Well harriet tudman would help her faimly friends seek the underround rairoad sge would sing if the path was clear and she went back to help people 19 tomes. Also the routes slaves can take they could go throught swamps, the Appalcian mountains, mississippi river. and they would get throught and go to the north.
  • president election of 1860

    president election of 1860
    well abraham licoln won because he reached the over the elections and that was 115 and he had 180 election votes. he had north and two west states,and stephen douglass had mossouri and south jresey,john breckinridge had the south, and last jogn bell had the border states. Abrahm had no southeren people vote for him.