Slavery and events leading up to the civil war

  • Frederick Douglass

    Frederick Douglass was born a slave and used his keen intellect to gain his freedom.when he escaped he started speakink about slavery,and wrote a book which revild his true he fled to great britain wher some of his friends bought his freedom.when he returned to his wife he cuntinued speaking,and published the north star,an news paper.
  • Missouri Compromise

    Compromise of 1820In 1820 Henery clay proposes in the senate a balance between the number of slave states and free states, but by excepting Main as a free state there is one to many free states so the 36 30 parallel line establishes free to the north and south to the slave.
  • Nat Tuner

    Nat Turner’s Rebellion In virginia in 1831, _ Nat turner_ and 60 _ slaves wanted to oppose _ slavery but they _killed plantation owners so the southern whites _killed many innocent slaves and passed _laws or Black codes further limiting slaves’ freedom.
  • underground railroad

    They wanted to help slaves by giving them food,clean cloths,places to hide, and sleep.
  • underground rialroad

    The underground railroad is a bunch of trails that link together to the northern states.Ther was lots of people involved with the underground railroad,like Harriet tubman,abolitionists,and levi coffin.The slaves who used the railroad like tys davis took it from kentucky,his slave owner gave the railroad its name.The underground railroad exists because slaves and poeple who where against slavery wanted to help slaves escape to freedom in canada.The railroad worked by abolitionists helping slaves,
  • Dred scott case

    dred scott was born a slave and when he got older he had been taken into a free tatorie. So he thought he should be free. He sued his owners for his freedom and lost because they said that slaves are property and do not have a right.The compromise of 1820 ended this case, and this allowed slaves to be taken in to any tatories
  • Compromise of 1850

    Compromise of 1850:In 1850 _ Henery Clay wanted the South to stay in the _union but the free states would outnumber the slave states in the _senate so the Compromise of 1850 was passed. Californa was allowed to become a Free state but voters in new terrtories_would decide if they would be slave or free. The Fugitive slave act required people to catch and return runaway slaves. Slave trade was no longer allowed in Washington D.C. but slavery was allowed.
  • Kansas-Nebraska act

    May 30 1854 Stevon Douglass wanted the new tarrtories to choose rather to be free or slave states, but the Missouri compromise established the 36 30 with north being free and south being slave. So settlers in kansas fought mobs. A huge rush of pro-slavery settlers and anti-slavery settlers moved into kansas. John Brown was a anti-slavery leader. He supplied slaves with guns. After much fighting and 4 elections it became a free state 3 months before the civil war.
  • presidential election

    the presidential election of 1860 was the