• the 3/5 compromise

    the 3/5 compromise allowed that slave can be counted but three out of five slave would only count as one white person. the north states didn't want that compromise but allowed it. this gave the south more reprensentation int eh congress
  • Slave Trade Act

    Slave importaion was made illegal in 1808 with the 20 year compromise. The compromise allowed for only 20 years for imporing slaves then it would be made illegal to bring more slaves from other places
  • Nat Turner's Rebellion

    A group of rebellion slaves led by Nat Turner attacked white people who would get in their way and also recruted black people. The group had around 50 to 60 black men. The group was stopped but they were able to kill around 55 white people.after they were executed, the white angry mob started to kill over 200 slaves.
  • Factories

    Factories were made to make work easier for the white people. they were usually made in the north and women would go and worlk there from ages 16-up.
  • Fugitive Slave Law

    The Fugitive Slave Law made white people in free states give in fugitive slaves to the law so if the owner came they could get them back. if a white person was caught helping a slave they would be sued and they would get fined and/or have to go to jail.
  • Kansas-Nebraska Act.

    this act allowed state to choise whether if it wanted to become a free state of or a slave state. the voters would state wheter it was free or it wasn't
  • Dred Scott v. Sandford

    Dredd was a slave that went to the cout to sue his owner that he was a free man because he was in free land. he lost the war after a 7-2 rule.