Silly Cow's AP Calculus BC 2012

  • Integration Review

    Integration Review
    Did the worksheet for homework and i felt pretty good about it. there was a few basic integration i forgot such as Sa^udu, but KYSC sheet was pretty helpful for it. i will keep looking at the KYSC sheet everyday until the AP so i won't make any stupid mistake!
  • Differential Equation Review

    Differential Equation Review
    The review worksheet was not bad. I had to look over how to do the Euler's method but other than that, it was pretty good. Don't forget to separate dy and dx!! it's important. you can usually get a point just separating them.
  • Series Review

    Series Review
    It was not bad. Integral test is the annoying one, but others are not bad if i know the rules. It is better for me to review them everyday until the AP exam since knowing them is helpful on the AP exam. Also, i have to memorize each series of cosx, sinx, lnx, and e^x
  • Taylor Series

    Taylor Series
    f(c)+f'(c)(x-c)+f"(c)(x-c)/2.... better not forget this. taylor series is interesting. you can make e^x or lnx into polynominal function! polynominal functions are easy to integrate and easy to differentiate. it can be a good help for estimating a value!
  • Review Exam free response part A

    Review Exam free response part A
    The free response number 2, d was difficult. I didn't know how to explain the path of the particle.
  • Advanced integration techniques

    Advanced integration techniques
    BEFORE ANY CRAZY THINGS, CHECK IF IT IS du/u OR IF YOU CAN USE U SUBSTITUTION!!! remember the integration with parts. trig substitution won't be on the AP exam!!! woot woot :D
  • Free Response Part B

    Free Response Part B
    The exam was very similar to past AP questions. I think I did alright. We will see...
  • Absent

    I was feeling sick and absent
  • Multiple Choice Part with Calc

    Multiple Choice Part with Calc
    I forgot how to do inverse derivative....
    calculator was not used in every question. there were a few questions i could answer without using a calculator.
  • Review Finding Areas and volume

    Review Finding Areas and volume
    I like this unit. i remembered most of the formulas. however, i better keep reviewing the KYSC sheet and get the points on the AP exam.
  • Going over the test

    I did pretty good on the multiple choice part... around 83%. However, i made a lot of stupid mistakes on the FRQ, I need to focus on the exam more and stop making silly mistakes