SIlk Road

  • 100

    Romans encountered silk

    1 AD
    Signnificance: It's the first time they encountered it.
  • 100

    Buddhism spreads from India to Central Asia

    Significance: Starts from India and spreads out.
  • Period: 100 to

    Silk Road Timeline

    Significance: It starts and ends there.
  • Period: 125 to

    Zhang Qian

    A diplomat during the Han Dynasty is sent from the capital
    Significance: He was sent from the capital to go over details about the silk, its important to have the emperor send someone.
  • 200

    Silk Road opens.

    Opened for commercial trades of silk and other goods
    Significance: Silk road opens for trades with other countries.
  • Period: 200 to 500

    China begins to conceive commercial methods to transport silk

    Significance: Because, they started to make people seem like its more wanted.
  • Period: 206 to

    Han Dynasty

    When a dramatic growth in china is established
    Its negative 280.
    Significance: China has a big impact on this dynasty since there are more people there now.
  • 220

    Han Dynasty Ends

    Due to arguements and disagreements, the tribal invasions end han dynasty.
    Significance: Due to arguements and dispute the han dynasty gets taken down.
  • 300

    Bactian and Arabian camels both vital for travel through dessert

    They are domesticated.
    Significance: They can travel through the dessert for awhile because they don't need water. They can be breeded.
  • 300

    Silk is woven

    Silk is woven into clothes.
    Significance: It's becoming more popular, people are exploring ideas.
  • 400

    Buddhism spreads north

    century b.c\
    Significance: Buddhism is a big religion therefore spreading.
  • 400

    Buddhist Cave temples

    The worlds largest are carved inro rhe mountainsides in Dunhuang
    SIgnificance: They're smart to be carving things out of stone.
  • 500

    Silkworm farms are created in central asia

    It was smuggles out of china by a chiense princess
    Significance: It was smuggled out by a chinese princess. SO that must mean it was important.
  • 570

    A profit is born

    His name is Mohammad in Mecca.
    Significance: A profit is born. He tells the future. And gives profits.
  • Jan 1, 600

    Buddhism hits japan

    Significance: Religion spreads around.
  • Jan 1, 632

    Mohammed the profit dies

    Significance: A great profit dies.
  • Jan 1, 650

    Silkworn farms are built in europe.

    6th century ad.
    Significance: That means it's popular so they start making Europe have more trades with Silk.
  • Tang Dynasty is Established

    Significance: Another great dynasty is built
  • Christianity begins in China

    Christian missionaries.
    Significance: Since Christianity is big in europe. It spreads to China?
  • China produces silk

    First country to do so.