Significant Inventions and Discoveries of the Industrial Revolution

  • The First Steam Engine

    The First Steam Engine
    The first steam engine was invented by Thomas Savery and was important because it opened up the possibility of even more efficient production in factories and steam powered vehicles.
  • The Water Frame

    The Water Frame
    The water frame was invented and patented by Richard Arkwright and designed by Thomas Highs on his behalf. The water frame itself is essentially an automatic weaving machine that was powered by a water wheel. It reduced the need to spin cotton by hand.
  • The Watt Steam Engine

    The Watt Steam Engine
    The Watt steam engine was designed by James Watt and became synonymous with steam engines and no significant changes were made to the design for many years. It was not the first steam engine itself but it was vastly better then the already existing steam engines, using less coal and able to be smaller than any other steam engines of the time.
  • The Power Loom

    The Power Loom
    The power loom was invented by Edmund Cartwright and was initially powered by horse power before the steam engine was invented and used to power it.
  • The Electrical Telegraph