Significant Events of the Australian Gold Rush

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    The Victorian Gold Rush

    When the gold that Mr. W. Campbell discovered in Victoria was revealed, the Victorian Gold Rush was born, which almost tripled the Australian population. This was definitely a significant event. In addition, the Eureka stockade took place during the Victorian Gold Rush, which was extremely important in the history of Australian Democracy.
  • Edward Hargraves Discovers Gold at Bathurst

    Even though Edward Hargraves was not the first person to find gold in 1851 when he annouced his find, he sure let the world know about it. Without this man, the Australian Gold Rush might have never started.
  • 2 Women Find Gold, Bendigo Rush Started

    In the late Spring of 1851, two women found gold in a creek bed in Bendigo. This finding started the Bendigo gold rush.
  • The Eureka Stockade

    The Eureka Stockade was an extremely significant event for the history of the Australian democracy. If the Eureka Rebellion was not peformed by those brave miners, we might have been still ruled by a governor today.
  • Chinese Immigrate to Australia

    When the Chinese arrived, they made up about 3.3% of Australia's population, the largest it has ever been. They were mostly men, just 11 women having to deal with over 38 000 of them. The Chinese were mostly hated by Europeans, and this lead to the Lambing Flat Riots.
  • The Lambing Flat Riots

    The Lambing Flat Riots were a significant series of events in the History of the Australian Gold Rush. These events set up Australia in becoming a multicultural country.
  • Ben Hall Shot

    Being the cause of many armed robberies, Ben Hall was killed when he was ambushed by police, eventually falling with over 30 bullets in his back.
  • Welcome Stranger Nugget Found

    Being the largest alluvial gold nugget ever found, the Welcome Stranger Nugget was very significant. This finding of this nugget proved that gold mining was more related to luck than anything else.
  • Ned Kelly Hanged

    Ned Kelly was an infamous Irish-Australian bushranger, outlawed for horse theft, robbery and murder. His death was a significant event in the Australian Gold Rush, attracting many of the public.
  • Western Australian Gold Rush Started

    The discovery of gold in Western Australia started up a whole new gold rush. Western Australia produced more than half of the gold found in the whole of Australia, an extremely significant statistic.