Significant Events of Fellowship of the Ring

  • Gandalf Reaches Hobbiton

    Gandalf reaches Hobbiton and tells Frodo about the ring
  • Gandalf Leaves Hobbiton

    Gandalf leaves Hobbiton and heads to Isengard
  • Boromir Heads Out

    Boromir sets out from Minas Tirith and leaves for Rivendell
  • Gandalf Imprisoned

    Gandalf imprisoned in Othanc by Saruman
  • Gandalf Escapes

    Gandalf escapes from Othanc after battle with Saruman
  • Frodo's Birthday Party

  • Hobbits Start Their Journey

    Fatty and Merry leave in the morning. Frodo, Sam, and Pippin in the evening
  • Hobbits Reunite

    The hobbits reunite in Crickhollow
  • Hobbits Reach Old Man Willow

    Hobbits reach Old Man Willow and stay with Tom Bombadil
  • Hobbits Captured

    Captured by Barrow-wight, rescued by Tom Bombadil
  • Camp Attacked

    Camp attacked at night, Frodo wounded
  • Crossing Bridge

    Group crosses the Bridge of Mitheithel
  • Glorfindel Finds Frodo

    Glorfindel finds Frodo at dusk
  • Frodo Escapes

    Frodo escapes across the Ford of Bruinen and then arrives in Rivendell
  • The Council of Elrond

    They discuss what they have to do with the ring, and how they can destroy it, and assemble a team to take it to Mordor.
  • The Fellowship Leaves

    The newly formed Fellowship of the Ring leaves Rivendell at dawn.
  • Snow on Caradhras

    Heavy snowstorm in the mountains interrupts the journey and forces them to find a detour
  • Reach West Gate of Moria

    The company reaches the West Gate of Moria, and Gollum begins to follow them.
  • Fall of Gandalf

  • Company Arrives at Caras Galadhon

  • Gandalf Pursues Balrog

    Gandalf pursues the Balrog to the peak of Zirakzigil
  • Gandalf Returns

    Gandalf returns to life as Gandalf the White, in a bit of a trance.
  • The Mirror of Galadriel

    The fellowship encounters the Mirror of Galadriel
  • Farewell to Lorien

    The company leaves Lorien
  • Gandalf Goes to Lorien

    Gwaihir bears Gandalf to Lorien
  • Boats Attacked

    Their boats are attacked near Sarn Gebir, and there is a large battle with the orcs.
  • Gandalf Passes Away

    Gandalf casts down the Balrog and passes away
  • Pass Argonath

    Company passes the Argonath camp at Parth Galen
  • Breaking of the Fellowship

    The Fellowship of Ring breaks apart, and plans to meet up again sometime in the future, and this ends the book, to be continued in the next book in the trilogy, the Two Towers.