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Significant Events in History

  • James Watt designs a more efficient steam engine

    James Watt designs a more efficient steam engine
    Steam engine powered machines became crucial in moving heavy objects,getting water out of coal and iron, and were used to transport goods, resources and
    people. Significant economic and social impact.
  • American Declaration of Independance

    American Declaration of Independance
    The United States of America was
    formed, it gave America a chance to leave a government that was not
    after their rights and helped foreign assistance from France.
  • The First Fleet Arrives in Botany Bay

    the First Fleet
    built Australia from bush land. They are the ones who first came to Australia;
    they civilized it. It is also significant because it brought unrest to the
    Indigenous Australians.
  • French Revolution

    The French
    Revolution was an outbreak due to the outlandish and unjust systems and
    in the French community. The significance of the French Revolution was
    that it
    gave and spread ideas of revolution to the rest of Europe, and so the
  • Alessandro Volta Invents Battery

    ideally this is
    one of the reasons we have the quality of electricity we do today,
    because it
    was discovered so early and we have had more time to work on improving it
    since, compared to if it hadn’t been discovered till earlier.
  • Textile Workers Smash Machinery

    were concerned they were being replaced by machines,
    and they didn’t want technology to move forward. This put a stunt in
    growth for a while.
  • First Passenger Railway B/W Liverpool and Manchester

    passenger railways were an easy way to travel from one city to
    They allowed you to carry heavy loads far distances with out physically
    carrying them. Significant social and economical impact.
  • Publications of People's Charter in Britain

    there were 6
    changes in the political system that took place in a working class
    movement in
    the British Empire, that would make it more democratic. This then
    affected Australia
    because these changes were implemented. It changed the shape of Australia
    as it
  • Edward Hargraves Discovers Gold

    the discovery of gold started many
    rushes around Australia. It caused many changes in the economic and social
    parts of Australia.
  • Convict Transportation to Aus Ceases

    the end to the transportation
    Western Australia to become a free Colony and govern themselves how they
    It stopped Australia being a dumping ground for the unwanted.
  • Federation of Australia

    the Federation of Australia was the uniting of all six states
    under one constitution. It was significant because it assisted trading
    Australia; everyone could use the one freight train line. It also
    improved the
    economy, as they had just come out of the depression of 1892.
  • Wright Brothers Achieve First Flight

    this sparked any advancements in flight for many years to follow, and still influences the way planes are made today.
  • Henry Ford Produces First Car

    cars are now a
    necessary part of day-to-day living, used to transport people. It had a
    very significant
    economic and social impact, like the more efficient steam engine.
  • The Titanic Sinks

    after the sinking of the Titanic no ship was allowed to leave the
    unless it had enough lifeboats. Lots of money was lost because the
    Titanic was
    a big investment and it failed to reach its destination. The public lost
    in the companies and did not want to sail in case the same thing happened
  • World War 1 Ends

    was defeated, yet they were not forced to surrender, because certain
    thought the German army would not be a threat again. Australia fought in
    war because, despite the federation, Australia was still in the British Empire. The end of this war was significant to Australia because it really showed how new a country they were, and some citizens called it ‘the war to end all wars’. It also is significant because that war bought out the humiliation in the Nazis of Germany.