Significant Events During 20 And 21st Century

  • Russian Evolution

    Communist evolution in Russa
  • The treaty of Versailles

  • Australia's first radio broadcast

    Australia's first radio broadcast takes place in Sydney
  • Vladimir Lenin dies

    Vladimir Lenin dies - Joseph Stalin over power of USSR
  • The end of silent movies

    The "jazz Singer" begins the era of 'talking pictures' and the end of silent movies
  • Great Depression

    Wall St Stock market crash beggining of the Great Depression
  • Boyline Bowling

    English cricket team devises 'bodyline bowling' to beat the run-scoring talents of Don Bradman
  • Hitler's Election

    Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany
  • Black Friday

    This was one of the worst natural bushfires in the world, it killed 71 people.

    Germant attacking Polland causes the beginning of the Second World War.