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Significant Computer Inventions Through 1950-1959

  • IBM701

    The IBM 701, a large scientific computer ment for aircraft, and nuclear design in war and space. The inventor and designer of the IBM 701 are Jerrier Haddad and Nathaniel Rochester but there was more on the 701 team. The IBM 701 is an essential of computer history being IBM's first computer setting a tone of todays computer software.
  • Magneti-Core Memory

    Magneti-Core Memory
    The magnetic-core memory is a device in a computer that holds memory using magnetic technology. The magnetic-core magnetic invention was commenced by Jay Forrester. This invention led to the creation of RAM, random-access memory a major part of computers to make using the internet easier and faster.

    FORTRAN is a formula that translates language. The inventor of FORTRAN is John Backus, he wanted to create a language to easily code their engineering problems. For a 50-plus-year-old invention, it is still used today and makes prediction for weather and atmospheric studies quick and easy.
  • Dot Matrix Printer

    Dot Matrix Printer
    The dox matrix printer was created by IBM and creates print out of dots. The most modern use of a dot matrix printer is for commercial use. The dot matrix has not been used as much in relevant times because of new technology like ink jets and lasers.
  • Microchip

    A microchip is a small chip-like integrated circuit seen in most of our devices. The inventor of the microchip is an engineer named Jack Kilby. With this invention, we have less stress because microchips can track with GPS devices or animals like dogs.