Shania Twain

  • Born

    Shania was born, the same year the Rolling Stones had their number one hit
  • Singing lessons

    Shania started taking singing lessons from Toronto based coach Ian Garrett and often wouldn't have enough money to pay for her lessons so she would clean his house in payment
  • Guitar lessons

    She gave other kids guitar lessons.
  • First Song

    Shania wrote her first song called Is Love A Rose
  • Got her first microphone

    Shania's parents bought her, her first microphone. they had lots of house parties so she had lots of chances to show people her talent.
  • CBC performance

    peformed on CBC's television's Tommy Hunter Show.
  • Shania's hardest year

    Shania's parents were constantly fighting and her mother would be comstantly abused by her father. While at the same time they had very bad finacial issues and were slowly bieng starved from not enough money to buy food and other neccities.
  • Escape

    When she was only 15 years old and her mother was in depression doing nothing to keep their family alive, Shania decided she had to do something about it. So she packed up some clothes for the kids and her mother and also some memories from around house and packed them up in the car, she grabed her simblings put them in the car and went to get her mother to tell her they were leaving their father and that she had to come. They did and went off to toronto leaving her abusive father behind.
  • Debut Album

    Shania's debut album was slated for release, simple titled Shaania Twain
  • Album - Come on over

    The album Come on over was the best selling of all time female in any genre and female country album.