• SHAKIRA was born

    SHAKIRA was born
    Shakira was born on February 2, 1977 in Barranquilla Colombia, her name means "woman full of grace".
    she has a big family composed of parents (his father William Mebarak and her mother Nidia Ripoll), and 7 brothers (Lucy, Edward, Alberto, Tonino, Moises, Robin and Patricia).
  • She wrote her first song

    She wrote her first song
    At the age of eight, she wrote her first songs, (Tus gafas oscuras)
    she first presented on television in a program called "Looking Child Artist" in 1988, she won the competition 3 times
  • First album

    First album
    Her first album, title "Magia" in 1991 and "peligro" in 1993.
    she had a presentation at the Festival OTI in Spain and also participated in the Festival Viña del Mar.
  • Pies Descalzos

     Pies Descalzos
    She released "Pies descalzos", which was her first successful album. This successful album was sold around three million copies.
  • Period: to

    Foundation Pies descalzos

    Shakira created the Foundation when she achieved her first international hit, from which the name of her philanthropic project was taken. It is inspired on her experiences as a young woman when she met the conditions of poverty of many children in Barranquilla
  • Donde estan los ladrones

    Donde estan los ladrones
    Her album in Spanish released in 1998 was the most sold in the United States in this year,
  • Laundry Service

    Laundry Service
    She had released her first english album called (Laundry Service), The most listened song on the album "whenever whenever".
  • Oral Fixation

    Oral Fixation
    She released oral fixation 1 and 2 , Although its lead single ("La Tortura")
  • Waka Waka

    Waka Waka
    waka waka (this time for Africa) time official song of the 2010 fifa world cup.
  • Rabiosa

    She has won two Grammy Awards and ten Grammy Awards Latino
  • the first child

    the first child
    she has a relationship with Gerard Pique Spanish football player, and has a son named Milan