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Sgt. John Wilson Book One by Laura O

By Laura.O
  • Polly Hutchinson is born

  • John Wilson and Polly become engaged

  • Jack and Polly marry

  • George, their firstborn son is born

  • Jack sets sail to Canada

    Jack sets sail to Canada
    When his brother's business runs to the ground, Jack decides he cannot see it end in disgrace.He takes money out of the greenhouse business, whcih he shares with his brother-in-law. When more money is needed, he also steals outright from his co-owner. To escape the scandal Jack decides to head to Canada.
  • War is declared

  • Jack joins the RNWMP

  • Jack arrives in Blaine Lake

  • Hogmanay, Polly announces her departure

    Hogmanay, Polly announces her departure
    5 and half years after Jack left to Canada, Polly is still alone in Scotland and is struggling financially. Due to the deccline of letter from her husband, she becomes worried about his health. She decides to sail to Canada to find him and tells her family on Hogmanay, Scottish New Years. They support and promise to take care of her children.
  • Jack falls ill and is cared for by Jessie

    Jack falls ill and is cared for by Jessie
    After the summer of 1917, Jack is diagnosed with TB. He is not able to work and has no place to go to heal. Jessie Patterson takes on the duty of caring for him, which only futher progresses their relationship. During this period of time he proposes to her. To explain his marriage he makes up a lie about his wife, and promises her that their divorcce will soon be finalized.
  • Polly arrives in Halifax

  • Polly arrives in Regina

  • Jack attempts to enlist to go overseas

  • Polly and Jack move to Regina

  • Polly discovers Jack's affair

    Polly discovers Jack's affair
    While Polly and Jack are living in Regina their relationship becomes rocky. Polly is pregnant, and is feeling lonely and ignored by Jack. One night, when he is out with his friends, she finds a letter in a woman's handwriting in his tunic pocket. After she discovers it is a love letter about marriage, she confronts him. He lies to her and pretends to not know how Jessie got the idea that he was saving up to marry him.
  • Jack moves to Saskatoon

  • Jack writes Polly to come to Sasktoon

  • Jack writes Jessie to come to Saskatoon

  • Jack shoots Polly

    Jack shoots Polly
    After Jack writes to Polly to move to Saskatoon with him, she feels like things will improve. She dreams of sending to their children to Canada and living in a house in Saskatoon. When she gets off the train Jack meets her and says that he has work to do in a neighboring town and he tells her to come with him. On the way there, he pulls out his shotgun and shoots her in the head. The next day, he marries Jessie.
  • Jack and Jessie are married