Selective Service Act

  • Selective service act was passed

    On may 18,1917 was when the law first passed.It gave the president the power to send the men in case of a draft
  • Age limit raised

    The maximum age was later changed in august to 45 years of age
  • discontinued

    In the year of 1920 the U.S discontinued the selective service act. No exact month/day
  • Passed by the 76th U.S congress

    The selective service act/ Selective training established the first conscription in U.S history! This act required all men ages 18-65 to register for selective service
  • Period: to

    an end to 1940 Selective Service Act

    The act of 1940 was terminated by the act of 1947 which required men
  • extent

    (not exact month/day)

    The selective service act was later extended so that it would last duration of the war and was also required a six month period in the organized reserves
  • Selective service act of 1948

    (not exact day/month)
    This act in fact created its own system.It required all men ages 18 and up to register for the act. The men between the ages of 19 to 26 were able to be drafted for service requirement of a total of 21 months. Either they would commit to 12 consecutive months, active service or 36 consecutive months of service in the reserves, with a term of military service set at at least five years all together.
  • Service act of 1951

    Not exact day/month
    The happening of the korean war led to the selective service act of 1951.This act lowered the age from 19 to 18 1⁄2, There was also an increase in the active duty time to 24 months, and set the term of military service to eight years ( no less). This act also allowed Students attending college full time or a training program to request an exemption (lasted as long as they were students)
  • service act of 1967

    not exact date/month
    Was requiring men of ages 18-35 to register in case of a draft.This act ended students defferments upon the students completed four year degree or his 21st birthday whichever came first
  • Draft lottery was happening

    men of ages 18-36 had to register in case of the draft. The men were called by their social securtiy number