Sea Turtle Life Cycle

  • Stage One

    Stage One
    What must happen for babies to be born is sexual reproduction and internal fertilization.
  • Stage Two

    Stage Two
    Internal Fertiliztion occurs and then the female finds a safe place to hatch the eggs.
  • Stage Three

    Stage Three
    Once the female finds a safe place, she lays her eggs on the beach. Particullary making a small hole.
  • Stage Four

    Stage Four
    After 45 to 70 days, the babies began to hatch out of their shells.
  • Stage Five

    Stage Five
    The baby sea turtles than head out to the sea.
  • Stage Six

    Stage Six
    Crawling to the sea is easier said then done. They need to make it past crabs, birds, and other predators.
  • Stage Seven

    Stage Seven
    Once they do make it, they start a stage called "swimming frenzy" which can last several days. They need to get into the water away from dangerous coastal areas.
  • Stage Eight

    Stage Eight
    They'll continue to float with the currents and eat bite-sized floating prey. Once they grow more, they'll begin to grow until they reach sexual maturity.
  • Stage Nine

    Stage Nine
    They'll reach sexual maturity between 7-50 years. Males and females will leave coastal areas and migrate, to breeding areas where they will mate and begin their adult reproductive stage.