Schindler Timeline

  • Oskar Schindler was born

    Oskar Schindler was born in Svitavy, Morovia.
  • Oskar joins the Nazi party

    Oskar joined the Nazi party five months after the German annexation of the Sudetenland.
  • Schindler moves

    Schindler moves to the Krakow ghetto.
  • Schindler opens a factory

    Schindler opens a factory called Emalia that provided jobs for 1,700 people, 1,000 of them Jews. He also let people sleep in the factory so they wouldn't have to go through the suffers of the concentration camps.
  • Krakow ghetto liquidated

    The Krakow ghetto was liquidated to forced labor camps and later concentration camps. While this was happening, Schindler allowed the workers to sleep at the factory.
  • Schindler persuades the SS

    After Plaszow was designated as a concentration camp, Schindler persuaded the SS to convert his factory into a subcamp of Plaszow. He also let other Jews working in neighboring factories sleep in his factory.
  • Schindler relocates

    Schindler relocates his plant to Brünnlitz, Morovia after all the Emalia Jews were sent to Plaszow.
  • Schindler leaves

    Schindler left Brünnlitz the same day Soviet troops liberated Plaszow.
  • Schindler dies

    Schindler dies unknown by the public and without money. He's known better know since the movie and the book have came out.
  • Schindler's list comes out

    Steven Spielberg created a movie based on Oskar Schindler's life and his accomplishments. It was also based on a book about Schindler.