Salvador Dalí: an autobiography.

Timeline created by naomitp
  • Birth

    Salvador Dalí was born in a bourgeois family in Figueres, Spain.
  • Studies

    He begins his studies in the Academy of Fine Arts in San Fernando, Madrid.
  • Paris.

    He moves to Paris, France and shows his art in many art galleries (one of them is Goemans) and becomes famous. He also meets Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró.
  • Gala

    Picasso meets Gala and falls in love with her (who then becomes her muse and wife).
  • The Persistance of Memory.

    The Persistance of Memory.
    Dalí painted the famous image the same year he got into a fight with his father (who cut every relation with Dalí). The iconic painting of several clocks dripping as if they were liquid.
  • USA

    Dali and Gala move to New York (at the time when the Spanish Civil War started).
  • Back to Spain.

    Back to Spain.
    Dali and Gala move back to Spain after they spent so many years at the USA.
  • Museum.

    A Dali Museum was opened in his hometown Figueres, Spain by him.
  • Death

    Salvador Dalí died at the age of 84 in Figueres, Spain. He died of a heart failure.