Rylan's Timeline

By RylanM
  • Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving dinner with my family.
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    Rylan's Timeline

  • Decided to adopt a family

    My church asked us to adopt a family, and my family decided to.
  • Church Sunday

    Went to church with my family and sunday school class.
  • Finding out

    found out how old the kids of the family were, and if they were boy or girl and things they liked.
  • Buying gifts!

    Shopped for Christmas presnts, clothes, toys, and food.
  • Meeting with the family.

    Met the whole family and talked to them
  • Passing out gifts

    Gave the whole family their toys, food, clothes, ect.
  • Heart to heart dicussion

    Talked to Morgan, 14 year old girl about her situation and her family.
  • Chritmas with my family.

    My family saved our Chritmas until the day after because we dedicated our whole Chirtmas to another family.
  • When I realized...

    the day I realized that I need to thank god for my life, because you cant take it for granted. You have it alot better than most people.