Rwandan Genocide

  • Belgains take control of Rwandan

    Belgains take control of Rwandan
    In 1918 the Belgians took control over Rwandan and began to catagorize the people on what they did and how wealthy they were.
  • Belgains catorgorize the people

    The Belgains start to catorgorize people as either being a Hutu or a Tusi. A Hutu was a person who worked on farms or was lower class and a Tusi was a higher class person with a social status. In Rwandan there was more Tusis than Hutus.
  • Rwandan gains Independence

    Rwandan gains Independence
    Rwandan gets it's independence from Belguim.
  • Rwandan President is killed

    Rwandan President is killed
    The President of Rwandan was Juvenal Habvarimana who was a Hutu, which was a lower-class person who worked on farms. Then on April, 6th 1994 the Presidents plane was shot and crashed, leaving the President dead. The person blamed for this was the leader of the Tutsi group, Paul Kagame.
  • Hutus' Begin Killing

    Hutus' Begin Killing
    Some of the Hutus' go from door to door killing the Tutsis'.
  • Political People start being killed

    Hutus' start to kill Tutsi people who are in political power.
  • Massacre at Gikando

    Massacre at Gikando
    Hutus' invade a Tutsi Catholic Churchand kill hundreds of people.
  • The Killing is Over

    The Killing is Over
    The Hutus stop killing people. There is a total of about 800,000 people dead.
  • People Evacuate Rwandan

    People Evacuate Rwandan
    People start to leave Rwandan, scarced that there will be more killing. The Rwandan Genocide has ended.