Ronald Reagan's SDI actually worked

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    This time span goes from Reagan's Presidency to Present Day

    The development of the SDI would have changed the world as we know it, what would it be like if the SDI would have worked?
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    Ronald Reagan's Presidency

    Ronald Reagan's presidency is outlined by his supporting and call to action of the SDI. He fully supported this and in his life he saw it reach it's full potential. Not much of his policies were as detrimental to the Nation as the SDI
  • Reagan Announces the development of the SDI

    Due to the rising threat of war with the Soviets, Reagan announces this to push scientists to develop an array of satellites that if IBMs were shot at the USA we could easily destroy them before they hit the ground. It was a sophisticated form of an anti-ballistic missiles system.
  • Scientists declare that the Star Wars initiative, or SDI could be successful

    Scientists officially declare that the SDI is feasible, leading the way for several government agencies and outsourced companies to begin collaboration to form this satellite array.
  • Reagan announces that construction on the SDI is beginning within the next month

    This announcement meant that billions of dollars were being put into this safety net. Creating adversity within Americans is the main effect of this declaration.
  • First Satellite is Sent up

    The first base pieces of one satellite is sent up and is successfully placed in the correct position, future unmanned space crafts will install themselves onto the satellite including optics, missiles, and trackers. Future plans are made for the rest of the array and the full setup should be complete in 4-6 years.
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    George H. W. Bush's Presidency

  • Soviets announce plans to drastically increase nuclear arms

    This build up rose tensions to the max as soviet technology increased so did their accuracy and speed of deployment. Speeding up of the Satellite arrays construction began immediately
  • Scientists announce the final satellite package is to be sent up in 2 months

    The final satellite means the array will be activated within the next half year. Meaning the impenetrable bubble will be in place.
  • The SDI is Announced complete

    The SDI being successfully completed and activated now makes the United States an impenetrable bubble. The bubble proved successful after several test IBMs were fired from the UK.
  • Soviets fire at the United States with discreet IBMs

    The soviets fire several new age IBMs at the United States due to recent retaliation of the U.S. on civilian populations. The IBMs are quickly defeated and the United States declares war on the Soviets
  • NASA announces plan to Weaponize the several SDI satellites with plans to send several movable ones up in the future

    Working with the invention of high accurate radar on satellites, the NASA establishes that it can easily weapon the satellite array with no fallout tungsten rods. The 5 ton rods are projected at certain areas and drives itself into the ground creating detrimental earthquakes capable of leveling and sending California into the Pacific Ocean.
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    Bill Clinton's Presidency

  • Weaponization of the Satellites and addition of roaming satellites is complete

    This basically places the world under the control of the United States, any form of protest is easily met with threats of attack. Soviets are quick to announce that their nuclear program has developed IBMs extremely discreet that satellites cannot detect them. They were unaware that the speed of this method is one of its benefits.
  • United States Pressure the Soviets

    The United States pressures the soviets to hand over the IBMs and decrease their armament build up. Refusal was to be met with attack by the SDI. Soviets threaten that they will not do that, and claim that they have also developed satellite destroying EMP domes. The domes are earthbound and when a satellite is overhead it can send up an EMP to make it decomission.
  • United States uses SDI to attack the Soviets

    Continual refusal leads the united states to send 2 tungsten rods onto the majorly critical military sights. The rods have a detrimental effect wiping out 1/2 of the soviet population. However, an EMP hit the satellite and it fell to earth. The satellite was then taken in by Soviet scientists.
  • Soviet Scientists announce that they have reversed engineered the satellite.

    The scientists also announced that one of their satellites was already in position, they were able to send one up as the United States no longer monitored them as closely. Major developments of this satellite also made it able to gain control of other satellites and take over their systems.
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    George Bush's Presidency

  • Satellite Array is compromised

    The SDI satellite array is compromised by the Soviet satellite. Due to the intense connectivity of all of the array, the Soviets gain control of the whole array.
  • The Tungsten Rain

    After several months the United States decides to destroy the satellites by using commercial satellites to crash into them, the plan begins effectively but as soviets began to catch wind they quickly fired the remaining satellites anti-ballistic missile arsenal and the 37 tungsten rods available. The rods effectively sinks New York, parts of Florida, and breaks California off into the Ocean. The death count is estimated at 5 million. Washington D.C. is destroyed, along with the entire cabinet.
  • The United States falls

    Soviets quickly come in to claim the previous United States as theirs, but is met with British soldiers already in the area. The British have decide to place the United States under Parliamentary rule until they have rebuilt.
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    Barack Obama's Presidency over the Republic

  • The Rebuidling Process

    Gaining aid from the British the united states rebuilds itself slowly, but it finds that Parliament refuses to regain control. The previous independent nation is now declared a state of Great Britain.
  • Britain Controlled United States

    Britain controlled United States is defined by the massive amount of soldiers located their to control locals, and also by revolts. Eventually the mid-western states, now much closer to the coast, break free as the United Republics of America, Britain keeps control of the east, but the Republics gain control of the previous North Carolina as a means for trade.