Romantic and American History timeline

By Hornwe
  • Rhode Island becomes a state

    Rhode Island ratifies the constitution and becomes the 13th state
  • Bill of rights

    The bill of rights is adopted into the constitution
  • Yellow fever

    Yellow Fever becomes a disease in Philadelphia
  • John Adams

    John Adams become the second president of the United States
  • Romantic era began

    The romantic era begins in 1798 and lasts for around 100 years
  • Publishing of Lyrical Ballads

    William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor publish lyrical ballads
  • Thomas Jefferson

    Thomas Jefferson becomes the third president of the United States
  • Romantic ideas spread

    August wilhelm spread the ideas of romanticism
  • James Madison

    James Madison becomes the fourth president of the United States
  • John Keats

    John Keats publishes his third volume of poetry
  • John Keats death

    John Keats dies at the age of 25
  • Death of Lord Byron

    Lord Byron dies at a very young age