Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry

  • Black kids insulted by their books

    books show that they are not given to blacks until they are ready for the dumpstird
  • Period: to

    Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry

    Feued between blacks and whites and the survival of a black family
  • Mr. Morrisun works for the Logans

    Mr. Morrisun is fired from his railroad job, so he is brought to work for the Logan family
  • Whites from the Black Lagoon

    After bumping into Lillean Jean, she is forced by Mr. Jean into the street
  • Rage unleashed in Hammer

    After being told about the incedent Cassie was in, Uncle Hammer goes to kill Mr. Jean
  • Unusial Christmas

    A white kid known as Jeremey gives the Logans a present for Christmas
  • Civil War all over again

    Cassie starts to work for Lillean Jean after thinking how to deal with her
  • The T.J. surprise

    T.J. and the Wallace brothers team up to be a group
  • T.J.'s last stand

    T.J. is beaten after threatening to get the Wallece brothers thrown in jail
  • Daring resque

    Dad saves T.J. from the nightriders by starting a fire in the cotton fields
  • Cries of the land

    The lands money now burned, the Logan family might have to sell they're only land, even worse, T.J. is to die