Road to Revolution

  • Proclamation of 1763

    The Proclamation of 1763 took place on October 7. King George took a big role on this. It stated that Americans can not settle west of the appalachian, It was an important scene that took place in the Revolution war. Many colonist were angry and mad because they had no rights and this was the start of there anger
  • Sugar Act

    The sugar act was a law passed by Parliament in 1764 that put tax on sugar, molasses, and other products. Many colonist where angry and wanted to protist. This was an important time with the Revoultionary war because now the soldiers and colonists had to pay more tax for a small mineral. They had to work hard for all their needs and now its more money because of tax
  • Stamp Act

    In 1765 Parliament passed this act called the Stamp Act. This law required all legaland commercial documents to carry and official stamp showing that a tax had been paid. This lead to the war because now they are eing taxed on lots of things they now have to pay tax for stamps. They are furious and are getting very mad and angry. People were protesting and ot buying anything. If people dont buy then the goverment does not make money
  • Quatering Act

    Parlement is what passed this act called Quatering Act. This Act said that colonist had to house british soilders. This was a big time in history espically for the Revoultionary war. Now soldiers have shelter and are prtected, they can eat food, and rethink strategies. This is good for the soldiers and the army but the colonist are being treated like slaves. They have to pay taxes for almost everything and now get out of their time and way to house and take care of soldiers.
  • Townshend Acts

    Again this Act was passed by parliament, It suspended New York assymbly and put taxes on all goods brought into British colonies. Revolutionary war is on its way they are tired of getting taxed on everything. New York was a powerful state at the time and still is it is now loosing its popularity, because of all the taxes
  • Boston Massacre

    The Boston Massacre was a fight between Britians and Boston. As you can now see they are getting into fights and are angry. They are realising there anger by fighting. The british now feel like they have no rights. They feel that it is not right. In my opinion i believe that British are paying way to much tax, and should go on a major protest.
  • Boston Tea Party

    The Boston tea party was a political protest. The name of the group was The Sons of Liberty. The Act showed how angry the British where and how they where done getting taxed. They got three shiploads o taxed tea and threw it all into the Boston Harbor. They felt that if they did something big like this then mabye they king would open his eyes and stop taxing everything in British colonies.
  • Intolerable Acts

    The Intolerable Acts was a series of laws that where passed. This happend after the Boston Tea Party. There where four laws that where passed. First was the Boston Port Act. Which closed the Boston Port. The only way the King would open it again was i the colonists payed there taxes and showed respect. The second law passed was i an soldier was accused for murder the can now go on trial and stand for them selves. The third law was called the Massachustes Goverment Act.
  • Intolerable Acts part two

    .... This act did not allow town meetings to be held only if the governor gave permission. And lastly the fourth act was where the colonist and people had to house and take care of soldiers. Some of these laws helpred and others got the people more angry.
  • Signing of Declaration of Independence

    We have all heard of this act. It is where all the president, leaders, and famous people would sign. It stated that all the thirteen colonies and Great Britian would finally go to war. The colonists are mad now and want there freedom. They will all show their anger in the war and eventually come out to win!!
  • 1st Continental congress meets

    The continetal congress included 12 colonies. Goergia did not want to be part of this.They would meet in Carpenters Hall in Philedalphia. In each meet there would also be 56 people in one congrees room. They now have an organized way of having meetings, making laws, and just being more organized. They are now ready.
  • 2nd Continental Congress meets

    A governing body whose delegates agreed, in May 1775, To form the continental Army and to approve the Declaration of Independence. Now the people are close to the declaration of independence. The colonists are getting a little more flexible. They are getting what they want which is independence and not having a king on their shoulders all day
  • Battle of Lexington and Concord

    Many diffrent towns and areas of cities where included in this battle. As you can see now there being included in many fights and are frusturated.This battle took placein Massaschusetetes, Middlesex countys. These colonists are tired adn now they have a team and army. They all want the same thing which is freedom.Everyday for them its getting closer to the Revolutianry war.
  • Battle of Bunker Hill

    The British in this war capture charlestown peninsula. As a result to all this fighting the British came out with a victory. They won all of the Battles that thye have gone into so going into the revoutianry war they will feel like they have a chance. They now are a community, getting their rights, and respecting the goverment.
  • Olive Branch Petition

    the Olive Branch Petition was branched of of the continental congress. It was made to avoid war. They wanted to make their rights more powerful and other colonies that that it was unfair so they took a part. They made this Petition to avoid war with other colonies. This had to have a big area in the Revoultionary war because they are trying to avoid war and if you try to avoid the big war you will loose.
  • Publication of Common

    This article or pamphlet was written by Thomas Paine. It stated that all thirteen colonies should stand up for their rights and do something about. They want them to either get into wars or stnad up for their religion or just the things that they can and can not do. This is great leading up to the war because now other people are starting to agree with the colonists
  • The british retreat from Boston

    What happend here is that the British heard about water routes and other important minerals and goods, so they leave Boston and go to Concord. They believe witht the matierals they find at Concord it can help them with other wars and the Revoultianry war.