Road To Freedom

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    Road to Freedom

  • Missouri Compromise

    The Missouri territory wanted to become a state but it would have made Missouri a slave state. This drew huge debate because it would cause a unfair advantage in the senate. To solve this proble our government said anything below the missouri bottom border will be slave territory and above will be free territory.
  • Wilmot Proviso

    A man introduced the idea that there should be no slaves in land we got from the Mexicans. This added a lot of heat because the south saw this as an unfair proposel.
  • Compromise of 1850

    States will be added to each side for equality in the senate so everyone will be happy. This created a band-aid for the growing problem with slaves. this worked for a while but soon failed from the ever gorowing tension.
  • Fugitive Slave Act

    This was part of the compromise of 1850 and said any perons who sees a runaway slave has to catch it and bring to the owner. This enraged the NOrth and most did not follow this law.
  • Uncle Tom's Cabin

    The author of Uncle Tom's Cabin had vistied many plantions to see what the life of slavery was. The author had added alot heat to this controvery. Many people in the norh were shocked helped the slaves after this.
  • Kansas Nebraska Act

    Kansas and Nebraska ahould be added as states that a free to slaves and this caused a hude amount of conflict between the north and the south. The south saw this as an unfair advantage and fought it.
  • Lincoln Douglas debates

    Pres. Lincoln who was runing for senator had a series of debates withh his competator. these seires happened 7 times through out the states.
  • Bleeding Kansas

    Kansas had fought its own civil war at the time and many men had died. This conflict happened when people had found oout that kansas was voting for slavery or not. Many border ruffains came to support slavery. It was the first blood between the two sides.
  • Dred Scott Decsion

    A slave by the name of Dred Scott sued for his freedom. He had crossed into a free state so that made him free. the court that he intailly went to had said he was free. This descion whad been revorked by the sumprume court and said he wasn't a citzen so he couldn't sue. This added alot of heat.
  • John Brown Raid

    John Brown a strong abolisionist raided a town with a fedaral gun store in it. He lost and all his men died from a military unit. JOhn brown was later hung for his actions.
  • Licoln elecftion

    President Lincoln had been elected for President. his acts would been soon enforced
  • Seccession Of South Carloina

    South Carolina became the first of 11 states to seccede form the union. The president mainly wants to stay as a union becuase the states have no rights.