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Rising Up

  • the spark that set egypt ablaze

    the spark that set egypt ablaze
    Egyptian man sets himself on fire outside Cairo’s parliament in anger of food prices and food coupons
  • day of rage

    day of rage
    Egyptians take to the streets in large parties, calling it a "day of rage"
  • violence in egypt

    violence in egypt
    police use water cannons and tear gas to disperse protesters in cairo, 55 protesters and 15 police officers are injured and one protester and one officer are killed
  • loss of comunication

    loss of comunication
    internet and mobile phone have major disruption in anticipation of another protest
  • Tahrir square

    Tahrir square
    Mubarak refuses to step down from power, 250,000 people gather in cairo's tahrir square internet and cell phones are still down
  • out of re-election

    out of re-election
    Hosni Mubarak annonces he will not run for re-election but will continue being president
  • day of departure

    day of departure
    violent clashes rage all day in Tahrir square for what they called "day of departure"
  • death in Egypt

    death in Egypt
    300 people have died since the protest began, 150 people have died in Alexandria, Suez, and Cairo
  • Tamer Hosni visits Tahrir square

    Tamer Hosni visits Tahrir square
    famous arab star Tamer Hosni visits Tahrir square with little affect to the people, 302 people have been killed, 232 in Cairo, 32 in Alexandria, and 15 in Suez
  • still in control

    still in control
    Hosni Mubarak says he will not step down from power
  • a new power

    a new power
    Hosni Mubarak resigns as president and hands power to the military
  • celebration in egypt

    celebration in egypt
    people celebrate all night and begin to leave in the morning
  • libya starts a revolution

    libya starts a revolution
    protesters call for the ouster of Moammar Gaddafi in Benghazi, Libya's second largest city and then spreads to four other eastern cities
  • capture of rebels

    capture of rebels
    rebel forces begin to weeken when Moammar Gaddafi captures rebel leaders Zawiya and Ras Lanuf
  • syiran revoultion begins

    syiran revoultion begins
    police open fire on demonstrators in southern city of Dara, protesters want freedom and release of political prisoners
  • syria as one

    syria as one
    thousands of syrians come together for several anti-governmetn ptotest in major cities
  • plea for help

    plea for help
    misurata a rebel-held city in the west of libya ask NATO yo fight alongside them "if they dont come we will die"-Nouri Adbul Ati
  • arrest of protesters

    arrest of protesters
    syrian authorities arrest hundreds of pro-democratic protesters
  • US help

    US help
    president obama and western allies try to force Moammar Gaddafi from power
  • syria in choas

    syria in choas
    syria in choas, refugees flee to turkey, 48 are killed
  • NATO

    NATO admits that there alliance was the reason for the airstrike on densely populated Tripoli neighborhoods killing 9 people and injuring 18
  • destruction of Hamma

    destruction of Hamma
    syrian tanks, troops and bulldozers entered Hama, searching for activist opposed to president Bashar Assad's rule
  • rebel capital

    rebel capital
    the chief of rebels fight to overthrow Moammar Gaddafi is killed returning from the eastern front near port Brega to Benghazi, in facto rebel capital
  • fight for Tripoli

    fight for Tripoli
    libyan rebels fight for the key city near Tripoli called Zawiya allowing rebels to cut off supplies to Gaddafi's troops Assad to give up power
  • call for Basher

    call for Basher
    Obama calls for president Basher Assad to step down
  • death of syrians

    death of syrians
    at least 20 syrians are killed in street violence
  • assault of gaddafi's home

    assault of gaddafi's home
    revolutionary forces assult Moammar Gaddafi's hometown
  • death of Gaddafi

    death of Gaddafi
    Moammar Gaddafi is brutally killed in his hometown
  • Arab League

    Arab League
    An Arab League holds talk with Assad a general strikes 17 more deaths
  • pull armed forces out

    pull armed forces out
    syria agrees to pull its armed forces from the streets, release political prisoners and engage with opposing groups
  • new cabinet

    new cabinet
    libya's prim minister, Abdel-Rahim Keed announces a new cabinet
  • syrias hope

    syrias hope
    syria says that it will admit arab observers to moniter a regional peace iniative aimed at ending months of bloodshed