Rilee, Macaluso: Will Work For A Prom Dress, Aimee Ferris, 265

By Rilee_M
  • 1-26

    Anne and Quigley work at pizza factory so that they can earn enough money for prom dresses. However, this job is a wash because they end up getting fired thanks to their pizza " creativity" and they end up paying the owner for returned pizzas. Ouigley soon finds another job as a fill in actress for one night. Only problem is she doesnt know her role... and is quickley given directions in time for the show.
  • 27-44

    The acting job quigley got was AWFUL... her blind date turned out to be David am annoying art opponet from past year and she made a fool of herself! Anne finds a new intrest for a prom date, T-Shirt is his nickname in drama club. Anne's world famous deigner mom gets the girls jobs as model for one of her late night design classes. And Quigley and Anne find guys there.
  • 45-67

    Quigley while running from photography class finds David following her, and is self- obsorbed when asking him why he is follwing her. Later to find out he is intereted in her. Anne trys to convice Quigley that her and Zander (the only person using her as a model) are totally an item. Then when bashing David's title of art king to Anne, he himself comes up to ask her out, only now he's been called pompuous by the one person he likes. Zander and Quiley go on a date.
  • 68 - 143

    Zander and Quigley break up,Quigley gets in a fight with David.Quigley has to write a speech for her english class. Anne gets in trouble with the police.
  • 144- 245

    anne's pictures from the police station are leaked, with the potential to ruin her mothers repuation. T-shirt and anne break up and get back together. Quigley and Zander make up after she learns of his caraccident that ruined his athletic career.
  • 246-265

    Quigley and Anne sit at home on prom night eatting junk food. Only Zander and The spikester arrive and surprizethem wioth gowns they designed in tuxs to go to prom. Quigley decides to go to collegein Rhode Island.