Rikki Magill's Timeline

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  • Driver's License

    Driver's License
  • First Job

    First Job
    The summer after my Junior year of high school I began working for my Uncle at Supplement Fulfillment Inc.
  • First Pet

    First Pet
    I had no intentions of ever having a pet due to my Mother's rules, but she unexpectedly brought Leo home.
  • Graduated from Huntington High School

    Graduated from Huntington High School
    I entered Kindergarten in 2004. Thirteen years and many memories later, I graduated as a member of National Honor Society.
  • First Coaching Job

    First Coaching Job
    Throughout my life, coaching has always been a dream of mine. After making the decision to not further my athletic career, I had the opportunity to help out with the Huntington (Ross) Varsity Volleyball team. Beginning in July of 2017, I had become Huntington's Varsity Volleyball Assistant.
  • Started College

    Started College
    Coming from a family of former Shawnee students, I have always known I wanted to go to Shawnee.
  • Second Pet

    Second Pet
    Similar to Leo, I did not expect to have another puppy. I had the opportunity to take Lilly for free.
  • Started EDRE2204

  • Completed EDRE 2204