Rights and freedoms 1945-Now

By Tomple
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    Rights and freedoms

    Rights and freedoms during the 21st century
  • Australias sesquicentenary (150)th aniversary)

  • Universal Declaration of human rights adopted by the united nations

  • American freedom riders travel on racially mixed busses around america

  • Martin Luther King Delivers hid Speach 'I Have a dream'

  • Australians fight for freedom through out NSW

  • Huge suport for referendum to change the constitution so laws can be made to support Aboriginals

  • Aboriginal tent embassy in front of govenor house,

  • Whitlam government returnd land to Aboriginals

  • The (ATSIC) was esstablished

  • Terra Nillis overturned

  • Testimonies from Aboriginal citizens in regard to the stolen generations

  • Walk for reconciliation

  • Abolishment of (ATSIC)

  • Prime minidter Kevin Rudd apologises for the stolen generation