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  • Revolutions of 1848

    This was multiple revolutions against the European monarchies.The revolutionist were unsuccessful in there planing.
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    French Revolution

    The French took over the country by getting rid of the authorities.
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    Industrial Revolution

    It is said that a large increase in technology caused this revolution. Soon, there were cotton factories everywhere; everyone even children were working in factories. Eventually things settled down and there wasn't as much unwanted labor.
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    Haitian Revolution

    The Haitian Revolution was a slave rebellion. The slaves went against the government in order to gain freedom. They ended the slavery and ended French control over Haiti.
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    Xinhai Revolution

    This revolution overthrew China's last imperial dynasty. this established the Republic of China.
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    Chinese Communist Revolution

    Mao Zedong restarted the PRC or People's Republic.He formed a military that won the civil war in 1949. In 1952 the revolution ended and the new form of government was set in place.
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    Cuban Revolution

    The assault on Moncada Barracks caused the Cuban revolution. Many Cubans were angered by the event and so they went against president Fulgencio Batista. The revolution ended when Cuba was overthrown by the revolutionist.
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    Iranian Revolution

    Ayatollah Khomeini lead a campaign against the Shah's reform programs. The people who joined the campaign over through Iran. This revolution changed the social order from a totalitarian monarchy to a religious democracy.