Revolutionary War

  • Period: to

    War Timeline

    Winner: British
    it was the 1st battle in history that ever happend
  • Lexington & Concored

    Winner: British
  • Buncker Hill & Dorchester Heights

    Winner British
    They were useing there forcest and they lost because they ran out of suplies
    THey got more supplies then the other people and they and they went on the ships to get out safly
  • Declaration of Independence

    it is the war that every one faught in to get the decaleration of independace so we can have freedom
  • yourk town

    patriots won
    they stoped fighting after it
  • Treaty of paris

    documented that said the war was over:
  • Battle of

    winner of brittish
    to get out of there a\high population and lot of land
  • Battles of tranton and princten

    influanced others
    other countries help then fight.
    got them on the right track
  • Battle of Long Island (or Brooklyn