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Revolution- Lucy Protze

  • Polio Vaccine- Dr. Albert Sabin, Jonas Salk (E)

    Polio Vaccine- Dr. Albert Sabin, Jonas Salk (E)
    Polio Vaccine- Dr. Albert Sabin develops a polio vaccine using strains of polio too weak to cause infection but strong enough to activate the human immune system. This was the end to polio epidemics. The picture I chose shows the Polio Vaccine. It is significant because this vaccine changed the century by eliminating Polio epidemics.
  • Disney Land Opens (S)

    Disney Land opens in 1955.
  • Nuclear Submarine (I)

    Nuclear Submarine- The Nautilus, the first nuclear submarine, revolutionizes naval warfare.
  • Elvis Presely Leaves War (S)

    Elvis leaves army after 2 years of service.
  • Alaska to the Union (P)

    1959 Jan 3, President Eisenhower signed a proclamation admitting Alaska to the Union as the 49th state.
  • "Bozo The Clown" (S)

    The "Bozo the Clown" live children's show premiered on TV
  • Sleeping Beauty (S)

    Walt Disney's "Sleeping Beauty" was released
  • Barbie Doll (S)

    The Barbie doll was unveiled at the American Toy Fair in New York City
  • Hawaii Statehood (E)

    The US House joined the Senate in approving the statehood of Hawaii.
  • Food Stamps (E)

    The US Congress passed a bill authorizing food stamps for poor Americans.
  • Presbyterian Acceptance of Women (I)

    Presbyterian church accepted women preachers.
  • Wasted Aid in Saigon (E)

    2 billion dollars wasted on aiding Saigon.
  • Nikita Khrushchev Arrives in U.S. (P)

    Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev arrived in the United States to begin a 13-day visit
  • First Color Photo From Outer Space (I)

    The 1st color photograph of Earth was received from outer space.
  • U2 Plane Shot Down (P)

    May 1st 1960 U2 plane shot down by soviets.
  • HUAC Protest (S)

    Students protest (HUAC). Police involved using hoses and clubs to control the mob.
  • Heroin Seizure (S)

    A $3.6 million heroin seizure was made in NYC
  • Peace Corps (E)

    Peace Corps established which helped economy.
  • Bay of Pigs Invasion (P)

    Bay of Pigs Failure which tried to remove Castro from power, ended up being an embarassment to the U.S.
  • Raise of Minimum Wage (E)

    Minimum Wage Hike- John F. Kennedy raised minimum wage from $1 per hour to $1.25 per hour.
  • Ban-The-Bomb! (S)

    Ban the Bomb Protest- Anti-Nuclear world wide protests.
  • Marilyn Monroe Dies (S)

    Marilyn Monroe found dead.
  • Nixon Loses (P)

    Nixon loses race to be governor and blames it on California.
  • Cuban Missle Crisis (P)

    Cuban Missle Crisis (P)
    Cuban Missle Crisis- Soviets posted nuclear weapons in Cuba pointed at U.S. The Picture- The picture I chose is showing JFK and a Soviet Leader in an arm wrestle with JFK ready to blow up the leader of the Soviet Union. This is significant because when the U.S. found out that the Soviets had missles set up in Cuba, aimed at the U.S. the U.S. had to tell the Soviets to back down or we would attack them using the force of our country and others that support us.
  • Equal Pay Act (E)

    Equal Pay Act- Women want equal pay!
  • "I have a dream" (P)

    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr gives "I have a dream.." speech at Civil Rights march in Washington.
  • Deim Assassinated (P)

    In 1963, Diem was assassinated by military leaders in a coup, leaving South Vietnam being ruled by a military oligarchy throughout much of the 1960's.
  • President John Kennedy Assassinated (P)

    Kennedy Assisinated in Dallas, Texas,
  • War on Poverty (E)

    War on Poverty (E)
    LBJ War On Poverty- he declares war on poverty and outlines an ambitious domestic agenda aimed at reducing unemployment, increasing support for education and job training, and expanding public services for the poor.T cture I chose shows a woman with a sign that says "We need food." This is significant because in this time period, some people were living in extreme poverty, so somebody had to do something. Lyndon B. Johnson was the one who tried to make life better for those people.
  • Lowered Taxes (E)

    Johnson Slashes Taxes- Tax Reduction Act lowering income tax rates from a range of 20-91% to 14-70%.
  • The Arrival of The U.S. Navy In Laos (P)

    U.S. navy arrives in Laos.
  • Discrimination Outlawed (S)

    Discrimination is outlawed on basis of race color sex religion or national origin.
  • Jobs Bill (E)

    LBJ Signs Jobs Bill- President Lyndon Johnson signs the Economic Opportunity Act to get more jobs avaliable.
  • Air War Begins (P)

    President Johnson Begins Air War.
  • First Ground Troops in Vietnam (P)

    First Ground Troops in Vietnam (P)
    First ground troops arrive in Vietnam to begin the war. The Picture- The picture I chose shows U.S, troops going into Vietnam. This is significant because this is what started the whole unjustified war. The troops being sent to Vietman was the beginning of 58,000 troops getting killed in a war that wasn't the United States War to fight in the first place also just the start to the 3 million Vietnamese killed.
  • Voting Rights Act (S)

    Legislation ends discrimination at voting polls.
  • Beginning of Vietnam War (P)

    The start of the Vietnam War.
  • NOW is Born (I)

    NOW is born. National Organization of Women- bringing all women into participation of mainstream society.
  • First Superbowl (S)

    First Superbowl- Green Bay packers vs. Kansas City Cheifs.
  • First Artifical Heart (I)

    First artificial heart implanted by DR. Michael E. De Bakey at Houston hospital.
  • Thurgood Marshall in Supreme Court (S)

    Thurgood Marshall in Supreme Court (S)
    Thurgood Marshall confirmed to sit in US supreme court, first black to join. The picture I chose shows Thurgood Marshall. This picture is significant because Thurgood Marshall was the start to African Americans being included in Politics and he helped them to get their rights.
  • Tet Offensive (E)

    Vietcong attack unprepared U.S. troops on their “Tet” Lunar Holliday which caused a 26 day battle.
  • My Lai Massacare (S)

    My Lai Massacare (S)
    My Lai Massacare- Search and kill opperation where many innocent villagers killed including kids women and old people. Made the U.S. people feel bad and regret the war and made them mad at the soldiers. The picture I chose shows dead Vietnamses. This is significant because, because of the MLM, many innocentVietnamese were killed and this made the U.S. look very bad and got soldiers in trouble.
  • "Great Society" (I)

    Johnson Proclaims Great Society- He says we need to work our way to make our Great Society. Speech given at University Of Michigan.
  • Robert Kennedy Assassinated (S)

    Robert Kennedy assassinated in Los Angeles.
  • Richard Nixon President (E)

    Richard Nixon gets presidency.
  • First Email (I)

    First e-mail from UCLA to Stanford
  • First Major National Anit-War Demonstration (P)

    In April, the first major national anti-war demonstration, organized by the SDS, takes place in Washington, As the decade closes, a Peace Moratorium on October 15, 1969, turns into the largest demonstration in the nation's history: two million people march.
  • One Small Step For Man.. (I)

    One Small Step For Man.. (I)
    One Small Step For Man.. Apollo 11 when Neil Armstrong was the first man to step foot on the moon. The picture I chose shows Neil Armstrong on the moon. This picture is significant because it shows how after the Soviets beat up to space, we caught right back up and we were the first on the moon.
  • Low-Income Housing Bill (I)

    Johnson signs Low-Income Housing Bill- a housing act allocating more than $5 billion to meet the housing needs of low-income families. 1.7 million units built.
  • Telephone Cable Invented (I)

    The first telephone cable linking Europe and the United States was inaugurated.
  • First Earth Day (E)

    The first Earth Day celebration is held with millions of American participating in anti-pollution demonstrations.
  • Kent State Killing (P)

    Four students from Kent State University in Ohio were killed and nine wounded by National Guardsmen during a protest against the Vietnam War spread into Cambodia.
  • VCRs Introduced (I)

    VCRs introduced by Charles P Ginsberg.
  • Voting Age from 21 to 18 (E)

    The Senate approves a Constitutional Amendment, the 26th, that would lower the voting age from 21 to 18.
  • Pocket Calculators Introduced (I)

    Pocket calculators introduced to America.
  • Abortion Legalized (I)

    Abortion legalized in the U.S before 6 months of being pregnant.
  • Vietnam War Ends (P)

    The Vietnam War is officially over.
  • Sears Tower Built (I)

    Sears Tower built. Later Re-named Willis Tower. Tallest building in America for awhile.
  • Nixon Resigns (P)

    Nixon Resigns from Presidency.
  • Barcode Invented (E)

    Barcode- The first shipments of bar-coded products arrive in American stores.
  • Microsoft Invented (E)

    Microsoft Invented (E)
    Microsoft- Bill Gates and Paul Allen form a partnership known as Microsoft to write computer software. The picture I chose shows the Microsoft Symbol. This is significant because Microsoft has become one of the biggest computer softwares around and impacted everyone in the United States.
  • Saigon Falls to Communism (P)

    Saigon falls to the communists in April 1975.
  • Vietnam Reunites (P)

    Vietnam is formally reunified July 2, 1976.