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History Between The Lines Of "The Outsiders"

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    History Between 1950 & 1970

    The history of 1950 to 1970.
  • Korean War

    The Korean War began on June 25th 1950. This major event led to the division of Korea making it North and South Korea. Before this war, there was another major battle, "The Chinese Civilian War". Two days later, China intervened in the war. It became more involved.
  • The hit cartoon Peanuts is published

    The hit cartoon Peanuts is published
    Peanuts SongOn October 2nd the cartooon world changed forever with the introduction of Peanuts. The hit cartoon includes a boy named Charlie brown and his dog Snoopy and their adventures together. This cartoon was published in the newspapers and is still alive today. The hit cartoon ended the day after the man behind the greatest comic ever, Charlez M. Schulz passed away. So went the end of a great comic and his work.
  • The 22nd Amendment was published

    The 22nd Amendment was published
    This amendment has two sections. It is the Limitation of Presidents to two terms. This was part of the Hoover Commision and it was passed during Harry Truman's Presidency.
  • Presidential Election of 1952

    Presidential Election of 1952
    In 1952, the presidential election begins with it's two candidates, Dwight E. Eisenhower and Adlai Stevenson. Dwight's average was 55.2% and Adlai's average was 44.3%. Harry Truman (former president) decided not to run again. In the end, Dwight E. Eisenhower won and his running mate Richard Nixon became vice president
  • Armistice of Korea

    Armistice of  Korea
    In July of 1953, the Armistice of Korea happened. An Armistice is when two parties of a war agree to stop fighting. The Korean War Armistice was not followed by a peace treaty which makes it a very famous war.
  • Brown vs. Board of Education

    Brown vs. Board of Education
    In 1954, the school world changed. This was a decision that separates black & white schools. It was just unfair. On May 17th, the vote of 9 to 0 stated that the separation was unfair to both races.
  • McDonald's Opening

    McDonald's Opening
    Mickey D's Com.
    I'm Lovin It! Remember that catchy jingle that just has to stick with us. Well, it's all thanks to Ray Kroc after he opened the world famous McDonald's in 1955.
  • United States Election of 1956

    In this election, a well known president, Dwight Einsenhower, was again relected. He won gracefully. His former opponent, Adlai Stevenson also ran for president. It was the last presidential election just before Hawaii and Alaska could participate.
  • The Civil Rights Act of 1957

    The Civil Rights Act of 1957 had been published. It was a voting rights bill. This was the first rights bill in the United States since reconstruction begins.
  • NASA Forms

    In 1958, we began to learn more about planets and stars with the invention of the world famous company called N.A.S.A. It means - National Aeronautics and Space Act. NASA has created Apollo moon-landing missions, the Skylab space station, and later the Space Shuttle.
  • Alaska and Hawaii beacame the last 2 states

    And so, our nation grew larger with the addition of Alaska and Hawaii. Hawaii is the ONLY state ever to be made entirely of islands. Alaska is home to a famous political member, Sarah Palin and her family. Hawaii is home to our nation's leader President Barack Obama. Alaska is by far the largest state by area.
  • United States Presidential Election of 1960

    In this election, the two candidates were, from the Republican side - Richard Nixon and from the Democratic side was John F. Kennedy. In this election, by only 0.1% of a vote, Kennnedy took home the gold and so came a new american time.
  • 23rd Amendment

    On this day in history, another Amendment was added, making it the 23rd. This Amendment states that people and the state were eligible to elect people from their own state to be president and vice president. This proposal happened in the year of the 190 election.
  • First man in space

    On this joyous day of 1962, the first American man went into space. His name is Alan Shepard. He is also the 5th person to be in space. Alan was on pilot with the Freedom 7 Capsule.
  • Vietnam War

    And so on of 1961 the Vietnam War began with over 900 soldiers behind it. This was the day that the Vietnam War officialy began It lasted 19 years.
  • Trade Expansion Act

    The trade Expansion Act states that the White House was able to negotiate tariff rates, reward reductions up to 50%
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's "I have a dream" speech

    On this famous day in both African and American history, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. speech changed the world. This speech lasted 17 minutes long and states that racial equality should happen and discrimination should stop. Did you know that his speech was ranked 20th in the top American speeches in 1999?
  • Civil Rigths Act of 1964

    The CIvil Rights Act of 1964 was a piece that legislation staed that there shall be no racial discrimination between everywhere such as schools and public places .
  • The assasination of President John F. Kennedy

    On this sad day in history one of America's greatest president had left. Taking his presidential spot was Lyndon Johnson . John F. Kennedys asssasinator Harvey Oswald was also killed and led to jail by a nightclub owner by the name of Jack RUby .The assassination of John F. Kennedy wasmarked <change wording as the first 24 hour coverage.
  • 24th Amendment

    The 24th Amendment states that it denies both Congress and the State from giving the right to vote in federal elections on payment of a poll tax or other types of tax.< reword. it was propose in 1962
  • Presidential Election of 1964

    The presidential electionof 1964 happened on November 3rd . With the 2 major candidates Lyndon Johnson fron the democratic side and Larry Goldwater from the republican . In the end Lyndon won. Only because of Goldwaters lack of support from party. Lyndon had a major vote of 61 % which is by far the hihest ever since 1820 .
  • Immigration Act of 1965

    abolished the National Origins Formula that had been in place in the United States since the Immigration Act of 1924. IThe Immigration Act of 1965 was proposed by U.S. Representative Emanuel Celler it was co-sponsored by U.S Senator Philip Hart also supported by U. S Senator Ted Kennedy
  • National Organization for Women Formed

    The National Organization for Women was founded on June 30th 1966 by 28 women. Yoday it is by far the largest women organization with over 550,000 members and 550 locations in allof the U.S.
  • The First Superbowl is played

    Yes YOu heard hear first Green Bay PAckers have won the first ever SUPERBOWL !!! with a score of 35 to 10 . this game set the tone for the superbowl for ever
  • 25th Amendenment

    On Febuary 23rd the 25th amendment happended . It establishes procedures both for filling a vacancy in the office of the Vice President, as well as responding to Presidential disabilities. <reword
  • Shirley Chislom 1st womman elected to congress

    In 1968 trhe womens worlsd cahn geds with the intriodutuon nof Shirley CHGislom as to congress. She was elected and served msny terms .
  • Martin Luther King Jr Assasnation

    On this depressing day the world lost yet a nother proud world member. Martin Luther King was assasinated . the president at the time lyndon had a nnounced there there would be a soecial day honoring him on April 7th
  • Assasinmation of Robert F. Kennedy

    On a nother sad say in history the worls lost yet another greta perso n ,reword On June 6th 1968 the world lost Robert F. Kennedy the younger brother of President John GF. kenneduyu. He too was assasimnated like jis older brother .
  • First man to walk on the moon

    Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon in March of 1969 . He was on the Gemimi 11 . Later he was agivena special present by a dear friend a cresent shape cmoon caved ouyt od styrofoam . <( youcan takke out if u want .) and a ticket to a space rie supposedly
  • Guyana becomes a republic

    O)n this jouyous day of 1970 my parents counbtry and gome Guyana became a republic.