Decades Project Jonathan Witt

  • President rosevelt

    President rosevelt
    he dies
  • Harry Truman

    Harry Truman
    Harry Truman becomes president when rosevelt dies
  • Syngman Rhee

    Syngman Rhee
    first president of south korea. starts rule
  • South Pacific

    South Pacific
    was a highly popular Broadway musical and hit movie
  • television

    colored television is introduced
  • H-Bomb

    The hydrogen bomb was developed under the guidance of Dr. William Teller. It was many times more powerful than an atomic bomb and in fact required an atomic bomb to detonate. The United States exploded the first H-bomb.
  • "The Catcher in the Rye"

    "The Catcher in the Rye"
    was an extreme popular book among teens, as it epitomized their attitudes and feelings.
  • Sugar ray

    Sugar ray
    Sugar Ray Robinson was the middle-weight boxing champion of the world.
  • England's got a new queen

    England's got a new queen
    Queen Elizabeth 2 ascends to the throne
  • Eisenhower

    Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower ("Ike") had been Supreme Commander in the World War II. He later became a popular president of the United States. "I like Ike" was the motto of his followers.
  • vacine

    The vaccine to the dreaded disease polio was discovered by Jonas Salk and distributed to the world.
  • Wheel of Fortune

    Wheel of Fortune
    The Wheel of Fortune TV show became a favorite.
  • Malenkov

    Georgy Malenkov becomes leader of USSR
  • Communist Bloc

    Communist Bloc
    USSR and their satellite countries formed what was called the Communist bloc.
  • Rock Around the Clock

    Rock Around the Clock
    Bill Haley and the Comets came out with what was considered the first rock-and-roll hit song, Rock Around the Clock. It was the theme music for the popular movie Blackboard Jungle.
  • Disneyland

    disneyland opens in Anaheim, California
  • Einstein

    Einstein dies
  • Malenkov

    Georgy Malenkov stops being leader of USSR
  • Elvis Presley

    Elvis Presley
    Singer Elvis Presley became a national phenomenon with such number-one hit songs. He was called "Elvis the Pelvis" because of the way he shook his hips while dancing. Many religious leaders and school officials banned his songs, which only made them more popular. He later went on to be nicknamed "The King" as the most popular singer ever.
  • Khruchchev

    Nikita Khruchchev becomes leader of the Soviet Union
  • Trouble in the Suez

    Trouble in the Suez
    After Britain and the USA withdrew their financial support for the Egyptian Aswan dam project, General Nasser nationalized the important Suez Canal. Egypt was then invaded by British, French and Israeli forces. Under pressure from the United States the invaders left Egypt and a UN emergency force was sent to Egypt.
  • Mickey Mantle

    Mickey Mantle
    Mickey Mantle was a great baseball player for the New York Yankee team. He batted both left- and right-handed, hit at a leading batting average, as well as led the league in home runs.
  • Little Rock

    Little Rock
    Nine African-American students enrolled at Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas. Governor Faubus ordered the Arkansas National Guard to surround Central High School to keep the nine students from entering the school, because he believed black and whites should be segregated, despite Federal laws on integration. President Dwight D. Eisenhower ordered the 101st Airborne Division into Little Rock to insure the safety of the students. The crisis gained world-wide attention.
  • Sputnik

    Sputnik was the name of the first orbiting satellite sent into space by the USSR.
  • Khruchchev

    he becomes Premier
  • Khruchchev

    he becomes Premier
  • Castro

    Fidel Castro overthrow the cuban dictator and began to rule
  • Hula Hoops

    Hula Hoops
    Hula Hoops became a national fad. Everywhere, you would see children and even adults trying to spin the large plastic hoop around their waist. TV celebrities would also display their skills with the hoop. The fad peaked and died out quickly.
  • Sygman Rhee

    Sygman Rhee
    ends rule
  • kenedy

    elected president
  • Belgians in the Congo

    Belgians in the Congo
    Belgian Congo gained independence from Belgium to become simply the Congo.
  • Bay of Pigs invasion

    Bay of Pigs invasion
    the Eisenhower Administration created a plan to overthrow Fidel Castro in Cuba.
  • U2

    The United States had been sending the secret U-2 high-flying spy plane over the Soviet Union to take pictures and gather information, when one was shot down by a Russian missile. The pilot Francis Gary Powers was taken prisoner and later released in an exchange for a Soviet spy who had been arrested in the U.S.
  • Psycho

    Psycho was a thriller movie directed by Alfred Hitchcock. A young woman, Marion Crane—played by Janet Leigh—steals some money from work and leaves town, getting a room at the Bates Motel. A shy man, Norman Bates—played by Anthony Perkins—runs the motel with his domineering mother. The most memorable scene is when the character Marion is stabbed to death while taking a shower, apparently by the mother. But in the end, it was Norman who was "psycho" and took on the character of the mother to kil
  • Space Monkey

    Space Monkey
    Ham the Chimpanze was sent into space
  • Bay of Pigs invasion

    Bay of Pigs invasion
    President John F. Kennedy allowed the attack on Cuba.
  • Malcolm X

    Malcolm X
    he commented that he was not sad that President Kennedy was assassinated.
  • J.F.K. blown away

    J.F.K. blown away
    He was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. Kennedy was riding in an open-top automobile in a presidential motorcade when Lee Harvey Oswald shot him through the head with a sniper rifle from a sixth floor window of a nearby building.
  • Malcolm X

    Malcolm X
    he was assassinated.
  • Moonshot

    The United States landed the first man on the moon.
  • Woodstock

    A farmer in the Woodstock area of New York state donated his land for a rock concert. Surprisingly, 600,000 rock fans showed up, making it the biggest rock concert ever held.
  • Watergate

    Supporters and staff of U.S. President Richard Nixon were accused of breaking into the Democratic headquarters in the Watergate hotel. Nixon tried to cover up the fact and soon he forced to resign from office because of that cover up. Several of his staff members were sent to prison as a result of the affair.
  • Khruchchev

    he stops being the Premier
  • Punk Rock

    Punk Rock
    Punk rock hits the music scene with such groups as the Sex Pistols, who would spit at the audience.
  • Crack

    A potent form of the highly addictive drug cocaine called "crack" or "rock" had been rapidly spreading in the United States, especially in troubled neighborhoods.
  • Reagan

    Former movie actor Ronald Reagan became President of the United States. In 1966 he was elected Governor of California by a margin of a million votes; he was re-elected in 1970.On January 20, 1981, Reagan took office. Only 69 days later he was shot by a would-be assassin, but quickly recovered and returned to duty.1984 Reagan and Bush won a second term with an unprecedented number of electoral votes.
  • Foreign debts

    Foreign debts
    Foreign debts were causing an increase in inflation, as well as a burden on American taxpayers.
  • Sally Ride

    Sally Ride
    Sally Ride became the first American woman in space as a member of the Space Shuttle crew.
  • Homless vets

    Homless vets
    Many veterans of the Vietnam conflict became homeless. A major problem with them was drug addiction or alcoholism.
  • Heavy metal suicide

    Heavy metal suicide
    Lawsuits were made against heavy metal groups of Ozzy Osbourne and Judas Priest claiming that their lyrics encouraged and caused the suicides.
    Note that another viewpoint is that Billy Joel had two topics here: Heavy Metal, where heavy metal rock comes on the music scene, and Suicide, where the suicide rate among young people seemed to be rising.
  • Terror on the airlines

    Terror on the airlines
    Numerous airline hijackings were in the news
  • Rock and Roller Cola Wars

    Rock and Roller Cola Wars
    Pepsi and Coke battle for supremacy in the marketplace. Each hired musicians to promote their drink. Coke hired Paula Abdul, while Pepsi had Michael Jackson. They then started to try to outdo each other by getting other musicians and celebrities to help promote their drinks
  • China's under martial law

    China's under martial law
    thousands of protesters marched in Tiananmen Square in Bejing, China. Many were killed and China went under martial law until order was restored.
  • Ho Chi-Minh

    Ho Chi-Minh
    Ho Chi-Minh was the leader of the Communist North Vietnamese, who first fought the French and then the Americans. born 1890 died 1968.