A Time For Change

  • Jackie Robinson To play In MLB!

    Jackie Robinson To play In MLB!
    Who: Jackie Robinson.
    What: Broke the MLB color barrier.
    Where: Ebbets Field.
    When: Apr,15, 1947.
    Why: Because he wanted to play baseball as an equal.
  • France Defeated!

    France Defeated!
    Who: France.
    What: Is defeated by Vietnamiese socialists.
    Where: Vietnam.
    When: May,7, 1954.
    Why: France was controling the natives.
  • Brown V. Board

    Brown V. Board
    Who: Brown and the Kansas Board of Ed.
    What: Went to Supreme Court over school segregation.
    Where: Supreme Court.
    When: May, 17, 1954.
    Why: Colored children wanted to go to schools near there house.
  • Bus Boycott!

    Bus Boycott!
    Who: Colored People
    What: Boycotted Alabama Buses.
    Where: Montgomery Alabama.
    When: Dec, 1, 1955.
    Why: To gain equal rights on the bus.
  • The Sit-ins Start

    The Sit-ins Start
  • U2 Shot Down, Pilot Captured.

    U2 Shot Down, Pilot Captured.
    Who: Francis Gary Powers.
    What: Was "Shot Down" over Soviet airspace.
    Where: Degtyarsk, USSR.
    When: May 1st 1960.
    Why: His mission was to tak recon photos of Russian missile bases, and plutonium production.
  • A president for a different generation

    A president for a different generation
    Who: John F. Kennedy.
    What: Was elected President of the United States.
    When: November 8th 1960.
    Where: USA.
    Why: The american people elected him president.
  • Bay of Pigs Fails Miserably

    Bay of Pigs Fails Miserably
    Who: Cuban exiles.
    What: Attempted to over throw Fidel Castro.
    Where: Bay of Pigs, Cuba.
    When: April 17 1961.
    Why: To over throw Castro and keep communism out of the western hemisphere.
  • Peace Corps Formed

    Peace Corps Formed
    Who: The American People.
    What: Help poorer countries with education, hunger, agriculture, and the environment.
    Where: Where ever the world needs help.
    When: September 22, 1961.
    Why: To improve foreign relations.
  • 24th Amendment Takes Effect!

    24th Amendment Takes Effect!
    Who: African Americans.
    What: Gain equal voting rights.
    Where: USA.
    When: Aug, 30, 1962.
    Why: African Americans were being discriminated against.
  • Ich bin ein Berliner!

    Ich bin ein Berliner!
    Who: JFK.
    What: Gave a speech supporting west Germany.
    Where: West Berlin.
    When: Jun, 6, 1963.
    Why: To show that america supports West Germany.
  • The President is Dead!

    The President is Dead!
    Who: John F. Kennedy.
    What: Was assassinated by Lee H. Oswald
    Where: Dallas Texas.
    When: Nov. 22, 1963.
    Why: Oswald was killed by Jack Ruby before he could be questioned.
  • LBJ Sworn In!

    LBJ Sworn In!
    Who: Lyndon B. Johnson.
    What: Sworn in as president.
    Where: Air Force One.
    When: Nov, 22, 1963.
    Why: JFK was assassinated.
  • LBJ's War on Poverty!

    LBJ's War on Poverty!
    Who: President Johnson.
    What: Started a war on poverty.
    Where: America.
    When: Jan, 1, 1964.
    Why: America fell on hard time in the early 60's.
  • Tonkin Golf Resolution is Reached!

    Tonkin Golf Resolution is Reached!
  • Trouble in Tonkin!

    Trouble in Tonkin!
  • Student Protests Start!

    Student Protests Start!
    Who: Berkeley students.
    What: Protest the goverment.
    Where: Berkley college.
    When: Oct, 1, 1964.
    Why: To end the war.
  • Health Care Coming Soon!

    Health Care Coming Soon!
    Who: The amereican people.
    What: Get medical aid.
    Where: America.
    When: 1965.
    Why: If they are over 65 or low income they recive medical assiatance.
  • Malcolm X Shot Dead!

    Malcolm X Shot Dead!
    Who: Malcolm X.
    What: Was Shot Dead'
    Where: Manhattan's Audobon Ballroom
    When: Feb, 21, 1965
    Why: He was leading a revoloution.
  • Bombing Over Vietnam Starts!

    Bombing Over Vietnam Starts!
  • US Soldiers Deployed in Vietnam!

    US Soldiers Deployed in Vietnam!
    Who: US soldiers.
    What: Where deployed into Vietnam.
    Where: Vietnam.
    When: Mar, 8, 1965.
    Why: To stop the spread of Communism.
  • Selma March Masacre!

    Selma March Masacre!
    Who: 600 African Americans.
    What: Were beaten and attacked by police.
    Where: Selma, Alabama.
    When: March, 7th, 1965.
    Why: To Gain Equal rights.
  • Voting Age Lowered to 18!

    Voting Age Lowered to 18!
    Who: The youth of America.
    What: Gained the right to vote at 18.
    Where: USA.
    When: Aug, 6, 1965.
    Why: 18 year olds were drafted to die but they couldnt vote.
  • Summer of Love!

    Summer of Love!
    Who: Hippies.
    What: Lived a counter cultural life.
    Where: USA.
    When: Jun, 2, 1967
    Why: To stick it to the man
  • Khe Sanh Under Siege!

    Khe Sanh Under Siege!
    Who: North Vietnamese.
    What: Sieged Khe Sanh.
    Where: Khe Sanh.
    When: Jan, 1, 1968.
    Why: To drive out us forces.
  • Pueblo Captured!

    Pueblo Captured!
  • Tet Offensive in Full Swing!

    Tet Offensive in Full Swing!
    Who: North Vietnamese.
    What: Attack the South.
    Where: South Vietnam.
    When: Jan, 30, 1968
    Why, To win the war.
  • King Is Dead!

    King Is Dead!
    Who: Martin Luther King Jr.
    What: Was assassinated by James Earl Ray.
    Where: USA.
    When: Apr, 4, 1968.
    Why: He did not like MLK's ideas.
  • Black Power!

    Black Power!
  • Gun Laws Now in Effect!

    Gun Laws Now in Effect!
    Who: Lyndon B. Johnson.
    What: Signed most extensive gun control law of the time.
    Where: The Oval Office.
    When: Oct, 22, 1968.
    Why: In wake of the JFK, Bobby Kennedy and MLK assassinations.
  • Gov. Support Declines!

    Gov. Support Declines!
  • Students Revolt!

    Students Revolt!
  • US Lands a Man on the Moon!

    US Lands a Man on the Moon!
    Who: Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin.
    What: Land on the Moon.
    Where: The Moon.
    When: Jul, 21, 1969
    Why: Kennedy wanted to beat the Soviets in the space race.
  • Gov Lies About Nam!

    Gov Lies About Nam!
  • Vietnam is Over!

    Vietnam is Over!
    Who: USA/ NVA.
    What: put an end to the conflict.
    Where: Vietnam.
    When: Jan, 1, 1973
    Why: To end hostilities in the world.
  • Draft Ends!

    Draft Ends!
    Who: American men.
    What: were no long drafted for Vietnam.
    Where: USA.
    When: May, 1, 1973.
    Why: The war was winding down.