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1950-1970's Historical Events

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    1950-1970's historical events

  • Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952

    Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952
    On the date of Sept. 14, 1952,The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 was signed. This act has restricted non-residents or immigrants from coming into the united states of america. Before this Immigrants were able to come into the united states legally. Another name for this act is the McCarran–Walter Act named after the sponcer Pat McCarran. This law was created because they did not want people from eastern europe coming in.
  • Fighting temporarily ends in Korea!

    Fighting temporarily ends in Korea!
    A ceasefire stopped the korean war on July 27, 1953. There was an armistice signed by North Korea, China and the United Nations, but not by south Korea. North Korea and South Korea are still split into two parts as if they were different contries! Although, with one exeption... prisoner-exchange, but the United Nations did not want to return the prisoner! This caused the war to continue once again,,,,,
  • The major television companies started broadcasting in color

    The major television companies started broadcasting in color
    The very first color broadcast on a Television show for the channel NBC. This wasnt the first time it was introduced but not many people knew about it.Thats why when it aired on NBC, it became worldwide news! NBC was actually originally created for color broadcasts. As of the year 1954 we have had color TV... lets see whats next!
  • Cure for Polio Invented!

    Cure for Polio Invented!
    Polio is infectious disease spread from person to person that makes you paralized from the waist down. John Salk developed a cure and tested it out, it was realesed on April 12, 1955. All you had to do is get injected with a bit of this medicine called polio virus, Another way cure for Polio created by Albert Sabin, it was an oral medicine, meaning a medicine that you put in your mouth,
  • Rosa Parks refuses to give up her seat

    Rosa Parks refuses to give up her seat
    Rosa Parks does not want to give up her seat just because she is colored. At that time only White people could sit in the front and black had to sit in the back of the bus. On that day there was no room for another white person in the front so they told Rosa to give up her seat for this person. Rosa didnt tink this was fair, as a protest she refused to give it up. This was just the begginig for rosa.
  • First American satellite to orbit earth

    First American satellite to orbit earth
    US Army Jupiter-C rocket launched Explorer I, was launched into space to orbit around earth. Explorer I launched as participation in the International Geophysical Year. Explorer I was launched exacly at 3:48 pm. Explorer I remained in orbit until the year of 1970. Along with this it has more than 90 other space explorers.
  • NASA Founded

    NASA Founded
    On the date of July 29, 1958 President Eisenhower signed the National Aeronautics and Space Act or as we know it NASA. NASA inherited from the earlier National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics or NACA. The NACA was founded on march 1915 to promote research. On October 1, 1958, NACA was dissolved and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) was founded. This was the beginning of a new Space exploration adventure!
  • The first Jet airline Passenger Service

    The first Jet airline Passenger Service
    The first jet-airline passenger service is done by the airline service of National Airlines . On December 10, 1958 National Airlines had a the first jet airline in th U.S with the flight of Miami to new york.
  • Alaska became part of The United States Of America

    Alaska became part of The United States Of America
    Alaska was part of Russia before being in the US. What Happened?The Russian officials thought that they wouldn'y be able to handle Alaska. They said That they knew that couldn't protect Russia if some one/ or some colonies tried to take Alaska over, they felt very strong about their idea. Therefore they need to do something, They sold Alaska to the US. for their saftey, It took years and alot of persuasion but they sold it sucsessfully for the Price of $7,200,000.
  • Hawaii became part of the United States of America

    Hawaii became part of the United States of America
    When Hawaii became a state it wasnt because they wanted to give or sell the to the US. The US claimed that they needed more power such as: more military positions in Pearl Harbor, and more suger cane! In 1893 Queen Liluokalone said she wanted to gain control of crops but soon enough this ideo was impossible. The queen was overthroned by Princess Ka'iulani soon enough there were major changes. It was said the the Hawaiin republic was reborn. In 1898 Hawaii was anexed and became US territory.
  • John F. Kennedy Wins!

    John F. Kennedy Wins!
    John F. Kennedy wins the elects and becomes president of the United States of America. Millions of americans go to vote for the 36th president of the united states. John F. Kennedy was a democratic, Richard Nixon was a Republican and Harry Byrd was also a democratic! John, was running against all of these men. John received 34,220,984 votes, or a 42% ... He wins!
  • U.S invades Cuba

    U.S invades Cuba
    The united states invades cuba , atleast hey attempt to and theit mission is a failure
  • The first american to travel to space.

    The first american to travel to space.
    Alen Shephard Jr. Was the first amerian man to travel into outer space! He traveled into the galaxy in a spacecraft called the Freedom 7 spacecraft. He and Freedom 7 were part of a project called Mercury! The point of this project was to attempt to bring an astronaut into orbit around the Earth.
    Although the mission was only a 15-minutes suborbital flight; Meaning that it was above the limit of space at an altitude.
  • Construction of the berlin wall.

    Construction of the berlin wall.
    East German border guards begin construction of Berlin Wall. This wall saprates east germany and west geramany,
  • I have a dream

    I have a dream
    Martin luther king delivers his i have a dream speach in front of thousands of people for the 'March on Washington'. In this speach he mentions how he would love the world to be as one. He also mentions something about the childre.. he says that he would love to see them holding hand in hand with african americans and whites! This speech is probably the most known speech about joining as one no matter what color you are. This speech impacted many, many people.
    Source: Me!
  • John F. Kennedy Assasination

    John F. Kennedy Assasination
    John F. Kenedy is assasinated at 12:30 pm, on november 22, 1963 on a friday in dallas, Texas. At that moment he was riding with his wife, Jacqueline and the governer of texas. The assasination impacted many of the residents at that time. They cried as they heard he was shot. He was in the emergency room but there was nothing they could do. Many people loved kennedy, and considered (and still do) him the best president in all of the timeline of presidents!
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  • Martin Luther king Wins Nobel peace prize.

    Martin Luther king Wins Nobel peace prize.
    Martin Luther King Jr. was a African American civil rights leader of age 35. He was avery famous leader to african americans and others who did not support racism! On oct 14, 1964 Martin won the Nobel Peace Prize. Martin Luther Kind won the Nobel Peace Prize because of his nonviolent resistance to racial prejudice in the United states. This Award shows that he was a great leader all around the world to everyone! Source:
  • Malcom X

    Malcom X
    Malcom X was an African-American Muslim minister and also a human rights activist. Believing that everyone had rights, and he fighted to show people that. Malcom was the founder of the organization of Afro-American Unity. Many people say he influenced African- Americans and he was a great man!
    Though one day, this had to end... Malcom X was at new york on the 21st of Febuary 1965, when he was asssinated.
  • Voting Right acts

    Voting Right acts
    Congress passes the Voting Rights Act of 1965, making it easier for blacks to register to vote.
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Was Killed.

    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Was Killed.
    On Apr. 4, 1968 at 6:05 pm, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, was assasinated! Martin was standing on his balcony on the seond floor, at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee. As he was standing there he was hit with a fatal shot! Martin was only 39 years old when shot, he was rushed to St. Joseph's Hospital and he didnt make it therefore having to be called dead 7:05 pm.
  • Apollo 1 Mission Setback

    Apollo 1 Mission Setback
    On this date of Apr. 13 1970 NASA was testing out the pre-launch but there was a terrible set back.This is how it happened the crew was inside of the space craft doing the pre-launch. All of a sudden the cabin caght on fire that killed the entire crew during a pre-launch test. This was very bad for the entire Apollo project. So in other words in the mission pre-launch there was a problem in which was that there had been an explosion in the spacecraft.
  • The First Earth day.

    The First Earth day.
    The first eart day is celebrated and millions of americans fight against pollution! In Spring 1970, Senator Gaylord Nelson created Earth Day! He created this because he notice so much chemicals and litter every where! He wanted to create an earth awarness day! On earth day everyone had to be green and do green activities; Including kids walking to school instead of taking the bus.
  • Voting age lowered

    Voting age lowered
    The age of voting is now lowered to 18! The 26th amendment to the U.S. Constitution was to lower the voting age to 18 and now it is the age of 18 that American citezens can vote for the president of the united states. Before this law was created the legal aging vote was 21, you could not be younger at all. but this didnt only happen in the US it hapened everyhere and all around the world!
  • Last trip to the moon!

    Last trip to the moon!
    On this day it was the last time a man went on the moon because apollo 17 was the last mission for astronauts to land on the moon! The last mission space air craft was launched at 12:33 am on dec. 7, 1972. This last project included three-day lunar surface stays, extended scientific capability, and the third Lunar Roving Vehicle. Although there are a couple of contreversies saying that there was another apollo mision that was not mentioned by NASA.
  • Abortion is legalized in the U.S

    Abortion is legalized in the U.S
    Abortion in the United States has been legalized for every state of U.S, since jan. 22 ,1973. Roe from Roe v. Wade said "the right of personal privacy includes the abortion decision, but that this right is not unqualified, and must be considered against important state interests in regulation.". Meaning that abortion was the right of every one, but it may not be abused, and abortions have to be regular not consant
  • World Trade center was done!

    World Trade center was done!
    World Trade Center was a complex with seven buildings including the twin towers, on this date the whole world trade center construction was over and finished, the complex was finally open! Although, there was a bad side to this new, great site... Terrorism attacks will happen more often than usual. This is like a main target for terrorism.
  • United States Bicentennial

    United States Bicentennial
    Everybody on this date celebrates anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, that is now over 200 years old!The Declaration of independence states that the United States is a country not ruled by Great Britain. American people wrote the Declaration of independence during thetime of colonies where every one was rule by the king.
  • Microsoft becomes a registered Trademark

    Microsoft becomes a registered Trademark
    Its a Trademark, Microsoft is finally recognized and becomes world wide famous!
  • Apple incorporated!

    Apple incorporated!
    Apple established in cupertino, california in 1976 and they became Apple inc. the famous company world known by everyone. Apple are the creaters of the Mac, iPhone 1, 2, 3, 4, 4s, 5 and the iPod touch, iPod nano, iPod classic, iPod Shuffle.
    The Creaters are Ronald Wayne, Steve Jobs, and Steve Wozniak
  • alaskan pipeline completed

    alaskan pipeline completed
    The alaskan pipeline was designed for moving of oil, this pipeline was over 800 miles long!