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  • The declaration of rights of man!!

    The declaration of rights of man!!
    The assembly creates the Declaration of rights of man that was modeled after the American Declaration of Independance. The declaration of rights of man was a smart declaration because it made everything equal, the factory workers got rights of the factory instead of the government choosing how much the work for next to no money and it wasnt fair.
  • Royal taxes increased!!!

    Royal taxes increased!!!
    The royal government increases taxes to pay the french debt. The evil "madame deficit' keeps spending more money then she had causeing the taxes to go up, it caused problems because the only people paying taxes was the third estate.
  • Robbespierre a dead man!!

    Robbespierre a dead man!!
    Maximilien Robbespierre is beheaded! Robbespierre has scared everyone, their all scared because the penalty for any crime it seems is death by behead. soo secretly a colt was made to remove him from being emperor, he found out and tryed to kill himself. When his suicide failled they killed him using his own guilotine.
  • Russian casualtes reached 2 million people

    Russian casualtes reached 2 million people
    Russian casulties in wwI reached 2 million people! some say it was a patriotic gesture, Nicholas II went to the front lines to take charge since czar was no more competent than his generals!
  • red guards ATTACK!

    red guards ATTACK!
    Red guards attacked the provisional governmet in Petrograd!
    Red Guards armed factory workers and mutinous sailors attacked the provisional government, days later Lenin forces overran the government
  • Stalins Propaganda!

    Stalins Propaganda!
    Stalin used propanganda to revive Russian Nationalism.
    Communist party newspaper, Pravda, or truth reached eneimies to foreign agents seeking to restore power to land owners and capitalist.
    ideas of Marx, atheism, or belief that there was no god, beacame the officaial state policy. communist targeted the churchs, and converted then into offices or mueseums, many priest or religious leaders were killed in prison camps..