revalutionary era By christian harding

  • proclamation of 1763

    The proclamation had brought peace but angered others who invested in those lands. It also ended the French and Indian war. The proclamation also created friction.
  • Sugar Act

    They lowered the tax to import molasses so colonist would pay the tax. They enraged the colonist with new laws and the Sugar Act. Colonist thought that their rights were being violated and protested.
  • Declaratory act

    This act gave Britian tax and decision control "in all cases". This started a fight for the colonists and their rights. The colonist won one battle but the had just begun.
  • Townshed acts

    The British leaders tried to avoid problems the Stamp act caused. The colonist were outraged that Britian was taxing them at all. So they started another boycott and women got involved.
  • red coats come

    The customs officers tell Parliament of that colonist are at the brink of a rebellion. They start to send redcoats to control the colonies anger. This only enraged the colonist even more.
  • Boston massacare

    They tension that had been building was unleashed. The colonist hit red coats with any weapon they could find to drive them out. After a red coat was knocked down they fired and killed five people.
  • reviving the committee

    They did this to put an end to britians grasp on the colonies. This started more committees to be started. They gathered protesters to help protest the taxes.
  • Boston tea party

    The colonist raid three ships with tea on them. They did this to protest the tea act.
  • The intolerable acts

    This was a response to the Boston tea party and a way to punish the people in Boston. This started enrage the colonist because their rights were being violated.
  • lexington and concord

    This was the fight that started the war for liberty. The minutemen were the frist to fire they fought hard but retreated after 8 were killed. The redcoats went to Concord and were ambushed by the minute men.