1984 Historical Events

Timeline created by rikermar
  • World War One Begins

    World War One begins, eventually bringing the countries of France, Britian (and everything it controlled), Russia, Italy, the United States of America, Serbia, Romainia, Japan, Belgium, Greece, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Hungary, and Bulgaria.
  • Japan Attacks the United States

    Japan attacks the US with nuclear bombs that their government had been hiding. The US is completly destroyed and many die as a result of the attacks.
  • No More Western Hemisphere

    It is concluded that the entire Western Hemisphere is too dangerous to live in due to massive amounts of radiation in the ground and water throughout North and South America.
  • World War One Ends

    World War One ends with many coutries being completly eracidcated. The world is in ruins due to many bombs and attacks being done.
  • The Roaring Twenties Begin

    The Roaring Twenties begin, with advances in technology, jobs, and economy. Big Brother sees an increase in workers and money. This begins both its downfall of doing the right things and rise to power over the British government.
  • British Government Creates Big Brother

    The British government creates Big Brother, sub-group of the government repsonsible for overseeing the German government and it's rebuilding in a positive way.
  • Second Industrial Revolution

    There is a second industrial revolution (the last one was in the 1840s) and it brings along new technology like telescreens, mind readers, and other things.
  • Big Brother Becomes Corrupt

    Big Brother, a sub-group of the British government, becomes corrupt through the German government. Many German spies kept watch on Big Brother, waiting to see when they could jump in and force the leader (of Big Brother) to bow down to them.
  • Big Brother Overthrows the British Government

    Big Brother overthrows the British government through the use of many maustched men and rebel military men. They reveal that they have been planning this for several years. They threaten the civilians into submission with their army.
  • The Ministries

    The Ministries of Oceania are invented to control the lives of government workers alone. This does not include the lives of civilians (yet). They are: the Ministry of Peace, the Ministry of Plenty, the Ministry of Truth, and the Ministry of Love.
  • Big Brother Attacks

    Big Brother attacks the remaining countries left in the world. Within a matter of months the entire Europe-Asia continent is under Big Brother's control. The only country that doesn't fall under control of Big Brother is Australia, which was left unattacked due to sea and naval communication issues.
  • Big Brother Falls

    Two small groups of rebels conquer Big Brother and establish a rule in seperate countires. Big Brother acknowledges their excistence and promptly starts a war with one of them. There are now three countries left in the world, Oceania (the one Big Brother dominates politically), Eurasia, and Eastasia.
  • Newspeak

    Newspeak, a new and revolutionary language, is introduced to the government workers. It takes two words of anything and mashes them together to create an easier word to understand.
  • Emmanuel Goldstein

    Emmanuel Goldstein, a leading political man almost even with Big Brother in the Party of Oceania, is said to have "engaged in counter-revolutionary activities." He is sentenced to death, but escapes and disappears.
  • The Two Minutes Hate

    Due to Goldstien's departure/escape the government creates and "Two Minutes Hate" that every worker for the Party must watch. They force them to watch it until everyone is scream abuse at the telescreen it is watched on.
  • Goldstein and His Army

    Emmanuel Goldstien starts a small "army" of followers to spy around Oceania. They call themselves "The Brotherhood." They are against whatever the Party does.
  • Big Brother Allies

    Big Brother allies with Eastasia and starts a war with Eurasia. The foes are evenly matched despite the allying. The act of allying and warring becomes so come with Big Brother and the Party that soon no one knows why or who anyone is really fighting, all they know is that they are fighting.
  • Big Brother Begins Its Control

    Big Brother slowly begins to take over all media and paper product production in a quiet way. It seeks to control all the jobs and companies of Oceania.
  • The Aftereffect of The Twenties

    Food shortages and things of daily life start to disappear, making life tough for everyday civilians. However, government workers seem to always have food in their pantries and supplies to live off of. This pushes people toward government jobs of their own free will.
  • Revealing of The Ministries

    It is revealed that the Ministries are not what they seen to be. Their names are the exact opposite of what they are. However, this only impacts the government workers who are under the control of Big Brother.
  • The Point of Divergence

    On this date Oceania (the Party and Big Brother) decides to stop production of all wateful objects (books, movies, technology) and put every civilian in their borders in a government job. They then throw propaganda at them all throughout the day under the pretense of Big Brother. They then begin to control every aspect of their everyday lives until they forget who or what they are and just think like the Party.
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    Events Leading Up to the Point of Divergence of 1984