Religious influences in colonization

  • Pilgrims travel to the us

    The pilgrims arrived in Massachusetts searching for religious freedom.
  • Puritans Arrive in Massachusetts

    The Puritans arrived in Massechusetts also seeking religious liberty.
  • Mass during civil war

    People were still going to church during the civil war because that's what they thought was the best thing to do
  • Court shifted towards strengthening protection for religious conduct

    Constructed the Free Exersise Clause to protect a right of religious believers to exemption from generally aplicable laws
  • Reinstating the pre smith compelling interest test

    Congress voted to reinstate the pre smith compelling interest test by statue with the Religious Freedom Restoration act
  • Hobby Lobby Controceptives

    People protested about hobby lobby not selling controceptives because it was part of their religion. They took the case to the supreme court and Hobby Lobby was told that they can't not sell contraceptives because of their religion.